Infinity: “May” releases


New releases are up on the Infinity forums for this month. I say “May” releases as these won’t actually be released until next month sometime, but they still apparently count as the May release this year.

The main reason I’m posting this (okay, so I wanted to have a mid-week post as well) is because there’s a new Nomads Daktari model, which is very nice.


But, it’s slightly annoying, because I’m already halfway through painting my Securitate model as a replacement Daktari (since I’m not a particular fan of the cat-girl model). Grr!

I’m not so fussed about the Nomads support pack, since I never intended to use the Clockmakers model (I’m not a fan of the giant baggy pants).

Oh well. One more Infinity model to buy when it comes out I guess!

In Progress: Painting Infinity with new GW paints

A start on Infinity

I’ve done some progress on my Infinity minatures in the last week – base colours on my test Alguacile, test yellow on my Morlocks, and the white and a few base colours on my Securitae/Daktari.

I’m using the new GW paints so I don’t have to worry about running out mid-project, so this is sort of a review of the new GW paints as well.

So, here we go on my progress:

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Infinity with Micro Art Studios Bases

Nomads Starter Box (scan of mine)

So with the recent start-up of Infinity at the ANU Wargaming Society, I’ve splurged a bit and bought a bunch of the models from Combat Company.

I’m starting up Nomads, the space-roaming anti-AI anti-macroeconomic-empire faction which lives on three gigantic spaceships. Mostly because a) I like their fluff b) I like most of their models and c) it was one of the factions no one else had picked yet.

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