Second Infinity Model and a Mystery Project

Infinity Nomads Securitae done!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting last weekend – I’ve been hectic with finishing a paper for the past two weeks. I’ve done a little bit of painting since the last time I posted – I’ve (finally) finished my second Infinity model (lots more to go though!).

Plus, parts for a mystery project have just arrived as well…



I’ve finally finished my second Infinity model, the Nomads Securitae model from the starter box. She was originally going to be my doctor, but since they just released an actual non-catgirl doctor model she’s back to being a securitae. I redid her previously white suit to be dark grey (by washing the suit with black wash twice).

Infinity models are so detailed and nice to paint, but they do take a while. I keep distracting myself with other, simpler projects – more commissars for my Valhallans, touching up my deathwatch and grey knights with the new washes, etc – and it doesn’t help that I just got this lot of stuff too:


It’s for a mystery project. Stay tuned…


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