(Sort-of) Commission: Chaos Dreadnoughts

Mr Huggy and Mr Smash & Grab say hello

So I’ve finally (after some pestering from him) finished the two Chaos Space Marine dreadnoughts for my friend, converting up their right arms so they have 2xDCCWs.

Without further ado, here are some pictures:

Mr Huggy

First up is Mr Huggy, with a switched-around claw for his right hand.


Mr Huggy is so named as all he wants to do is to hug people. Unfortunately, no one ever seems to hug back for some reason…

Some detail

The right arm was a plasma cannon arm, with the plasma cannon removed, the CCW flipped and glued on, and the housing scratch-built around it from plasticard. That greenstuff is there just to smooth things out and fill some gaps, and should (hopefully) not be too noticeable when it’s painted.

Mr Smash&Grab

Mr Smash&Grab does exactly what his name says – smashes and grabs (or sometimes, grabs and smashes).


He’s not very subtle, but considering he’s got a cut-down defiler CCW on your arm, I don’t think he knows what the word means.

Not as extensive as Mr Huggy’s arm

Same style of build here – ex-plasma cannon arm, this time with the cut-down defiler CCW on it (I had to cut it down because the full length looked ridiculously big), and some plasticard to fill in the gaps.

Done! Hopefully my friend likes them (considering I did them for free, he can’t complain too much! 😛 )

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