Lazy Luke Paints: Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia


After being promised for a while (and these photos are months old as well, which shows just how lazy I’ve been), I finally present the Lazy Luke method of painting Dystopian Wars Kindom of Britannia ships. I picked a scheme I found on the old Spartan Games forums – which means I can’t find it anymore and therefore means I can’t link to it – which in turn was inspired by the Nelson Chequer paint scheme.

Since the GW paint range has now changed, the colours I describe will be the old ones – but you can find rough equivalents on the GW website here. I won’t translate the names myself, since apparently some of the colours are quite different, and I haven’t had a chance to test them all out (I still have enough old paint that I won’t be switching over for my Dystopian Wars models).

Anyway, on with the steps!


Yeah yeah, black undercoat. As usual with my painting, it’s flat coats and washes, but this time I’m actually using targeted washes (GASP) rather than all-over single shade ones.


The deck is done in Calthan Brown.


Iyanden Darksun for the stripes. Try to keep these as neat as possible to save you cleaning them up later, but as long as you avoid hitting the deck as well you’ll be fine. I do these stripes at window/turret/torpedo tube level, keeping in theme with the Nelson Chequer (although since there aren’t gunports, you can’t really do the black squares).

Lighting up the windows

Ice blue for the windows here. We’ll be doing the frames next, so no need to try too hard to miss them – just stay on the inside and it’ll be fine.

Bronze Mechanics

I picked a nice, rich coat of Dwarf Bronze for the engines, smokestacks, and pipework, to emphasie the steampunk nature of Dystopian Wars.


Two steps in one here – firstly, tidy up the stripes and all the black bits to make sure they’re black (Chaos Black). Then, pick out the gun barrels, windowframes, and doors in Boltgun Metal.

Washes. What else did you expect?

Washes! I’ve used three different ones here:

  • Gryphonne Seipa for the yellow (and the windows as well)
  • Devlan Mud for the decking
  • Badab Black for the metalics – both the gunmetal and the bronze

It’s a bit more effort than my usual everything-gets-one-shade method, but with the different colours here it’s definitely worth the effort. Just make sure you wait until one wash is completely dry before doing the next colour, otherwise they can mix together and go places you didn’t want them to.


And we’re done! The turrets and shield generators are done in the same method. The blue inside the shield generators is just Ice Blue washed with Asurmen Blue, easy-peasy. If you’re wondering how I magnetised the turrets and shields, look here!

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