Yes, I finally finished some stuff!

Advising all the time

A quick weekend post for stuff I’ve finished recently – first up the Imperial Guard advisors. Primary colours and black wash to make them fit in with my Valhallans, not really much special about these (but they’re very very nice models, lots of little details to pick out!)


From back to front: I’ve finished the Kingdom of Britannia medium flyers (there’s 4, I only included 2 in the picture), gunships (very nice models! I love the rear torpedo turret), and corvettes (there’s 6, included 3). They’re done the same way as the rest of the KoB fleet – the guide I would link to, except I apparently haven’t posted it up yet! Hrm.

From the icy wastes of Antarctica...

Finally, here are the Covenant of Antarctica which I’ve finished: The two naval callimachus orbs, the three gunships (162 ball turrets total!), and corvettes (again, 6 total, 3 pictured). These I can link to the painting guide for, although I’m not sure how well the new GW paint range will translate (I’m glad I have enough old paints to finish these guys off, since if the new blue wash is even slightly different you’ll be able to tell).

I’ve only managed to make a minimum of inroads into the pile of stuff on my workbench from last week, so there probably won’t be a midweek post this coming week. I’ll post up something (probably the Kingdom of Britannia painting guide if I haven’t done anything else) next weekend.

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