Dystpian Wars Kingdom of Britannia: Some more finished models

Only a mini-update this weekend (yeah, I’ve been bad with updates for the last couple of weeks – being busy with work during the week and Christmas parties and other get-togethers during the weekends means I haven’t done too much modelling or painting, hence the lack of midweek posts).

Anyway, I’ve finished most of my Britannians, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to take photos of most of them yet. Here’s a few:

Subs ahoy!

Subs, done in the black-and-yellow Nelson-era stripe scheme, to fit in with all the other ships. The sheer ridiculousness of a chainsaw sub makes me smile every time.

Doncaster Bombers

Here are three of the Doncaster bombers – they’re mostly black on top, but underneath they have the yellow alternate colours.


I just realised that this means they’re actually yellow-bellied… considering they spend the first part of every game obscured in the clouds and trying to stay out of trouble, it’s probably appropriate!


Tiny Recon Flyer

The tiny flyer scheme – I was originally going to go with black-and-yellow striped wings, but they looked too much like bees so instead I just went with black bodies and yellow wings instead – they’re the same as the ones which are on the deck of the fleet carrier which I’ve shown before.

I’ve just preordered all the new releases for Covenant of Antarctica and Kingdom of Britannia, so I’ll have gunships, corvettes, large flyers, and the waterlined orb for the antarcticans coming hopefully soon!