Second Infinity Model and a Mystery Project

Infinity Nomads Securitae done!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting last weekend – I’ve been hectic with finishing a paper for the past two weeks. I’ve done a little bit of painting since the last time I posted – I’ve (finally) finished my second Infinity model (lots more to go though!).

Plus, parts for a mystery project have just arrived as well…

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On the Workbench: Bucketloads of Terrain (oh, and some miniatures too)


So, hopefully Dreamhost holds together long enough for me to both upload all these images, and for you to see them… Gah.

Anyway, on to progress! I’ve actually done quite a bit over the last few weeks, mostly refurbishing a solid chunck of my terrain collection – edge highlighting and adding some extra details (most notably, printed posters to add some colour to the endless sea of grey).

This will just be a quick picture-dump post, since the light’s not good at the moment (I still don’t have a good daylight bulb for photoing, so I’m reliant upon natural light which sadly is somewhat lacking right now) – once I get another nice weekend I’ll finish varnishing these and take some proper photos.

Above are some pipes and cardboard constructions – those statues are old 2nd ed plastic space maries, the pipes are cardboard tubes and plumbing fittings, and that’s a PSU fan on the left next to the statues.

Lots of boxes and some cans

I’ve finished painted up the many many old PSU cases I’ve aquired, so now I have 8 box-buildings. I’ve stuck some posters on them (there’s a lot more on the other sides) to give them some interest and break up the giant flat grey surfaces.

Likewise, I have some cans of various sizes on the right, along with spray-paint lids on the top.

More in progress

And finally, here’s a IMEX Platformer building (I found a kit in Mind Games Canberra, but there’s a bunch of other places which stock them also) which I put together – I used some parts on the dropship I built, but the rest I really didn’t have a clue what to use them on, so I whacked together this building which I’ll probably donate to my local gaming club once it’s painted. Behind that are two crates built from balsa wood over a little cardboard box, and to the side are some magetised ladders which I’ll use on the (conveniently metal) PSU and tin-can buildings previously.

Tanks are done!

I’ve finished up the last five Leman Russes (or, should I say, “last” five) which I’ve had sitting around for ages, so I’ve finished all my tanks now! Except for the space marine Rhino I bought off a friend for my squad of grey knights… Hrm.

I’m glad there aren’t infinitely many of them

And finally, all of my Infinity models which I have to paint now. Considering it took me two weeks to paint the first one, this may prove problematic. At least they’re a pleasure to paint though!

Proper update next weekend – hopefully there’s good weather so I can get some proper photos!

Infinity: “May” releases


New releases are up on the Infinity forums for this month. I say “May” releases as these won’t actually be released until next month sometime, but they still apparently count as the May release this year.

The main reason I’m posting this (okay, so I wanted to have a mid-week post as well) is because there’s a new Nomads Daktari model, which is very nice.


But, it’s slightly annoying, because I’m already halfway through painting my Securitate model as a replacement Daktari (since I’m not a particular fan of the cat-girl model). Grr!

I’m not so fussed about the Nomads support pack, since I never intended to use the Clockmakers model (I’m not a fan of the giant baggy pants).

Oh well. One more Infinity model to buy when it comes out I guess!

In Progress: Painting Infinity with new GW paints

A start on Infinity

I’ve done some progress on my Infinity minatures in the last week – base colours on my test Alguacile, test yellow on my Morlocks, and the white and a few base colours on my Securitae/Daktari.

I’m using the new GW paints so I don’t have to worry about running out mid-project, so this is sort of a review of the new GW paints as well.

So, here we go on my progress:

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Infinity with Micro Art Studios Bases

Nomads Starter Box (scan of mine)

So with the recent start-up of Infinity at the ANU Wargaming Society, I’ve splurged a bit and bought a bunch of the models from Combat Company.

I’m starting up Nomads, the space-roaming anti-AI anti-macroeconomic-empire faction which lives on three gigantic spaceships. Mostly because a) I like their fluff b) I like most of their models and c) it was one of the factions no one else had picked yet.

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