Some Finished Dystopian Wars: Britannians

All ahead full and damn the torpedoes!

So I’ve been speed painting some of my new Dystopian Wars Britannians which I received a week and a half ago, using the Nelson-era yellow/black stripe colour scheme. Gcflash on the Spartan Games forums has already done a fleet in this style (and with a higher quality of painting too), but I like the scheme so I’m doing it too. Above are my first 4 frigates – which should have been enough to tell me that the stripes are a pain to paint and I should really have picked a different scheme – and below are my dreadnought and carrier: Continue reading

On the Workbench: Terminators, Tanks, and Valhallans

Lots of miniatures!

Here’s another workbench post, quite a bit after the last one. I’ve done a lot of modelling and painting in the last month, as you can see by the many miniatures awaiting varnish coats or newly assembled models awaiting undercoats in the photo above.

From front to back: Continue reading

Mid Week Note: Kingdom of Britannia Fleet, Upcoming Dystopian Wars Miniatures blog post

Good news, I’ve found my camera. Bad news, I haven’t had time to take photos (and I photo during the day for much better lighting anyway), so I don’t have any new photos to post up.

However, the first part of my Kingdom of Britannia fleet arrived yesterday – starter box, carrier, dreadnought, extra bombers, 2 of my scout rotors, and escorts! The remainder – subs, the other 2 scout rotors, and destroyers – are on the way as well, so soon I will have two complete fleets!

Instead of my pictures for this mid-week post, have a look at the designs of some of the Dystopian Wars to-be-released models on the Spartan Games blog instead. (These have been posted during the last couple weeks, so if you keep an eye on their blog you’ll probably have already seen them.)

The large flyer designs they’ve previously released look very nice as well – I’m so looking forward to the new models!

Real post this weekend again – I’ve gotten quite a bit of modelling and painting done, so I’ll do an overall workbench post to give everyone an update on what I’m working on now.

Lazy Luke Paints: Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica

What we're going to end up with

As you might have noticed from all my previously painted stuff, nearly everything I paint uses washes – or more particularly, a single wash at the end. So, with that in mind, here’s my first step-by-step guide to painting something the Lazy Luke way, which basically involves flat coats and a wash near the end to tie it all together.

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Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Finished!

Fleet is done!

So here is my “finished” Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars – finished until the remaining and and new naval/air models are released at least (such as the naval version of the Callimachus Orb, the sky fortress and large flyer, corvettes, and gunships…).

Anyway, I’ll talk about some selected pictures, and the rest will be in the gallery. All these models are great fun to paint because of the little details – drybrushing and washing work so effectively on these! I’ll post up a step-by-step later once I finish my third Icarus flyer (which I bought off Winter, because the pack comes with two and they come in squadrons of three, so he had one spare after buying two packs of them). I guess I’m not technically finished with them just yet after all…

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Magnetised Dystopian Wars Coventant of Antarctica Battleship

Battleship of Webcams

So although I had finished painting my fleet, I finally ordered in some magnets to attach the flyers to their flying stands. While I was at it, I magnetised the battleship as well following Winter’s walkthough here, to stop the top part from falling off during gameplay. Continue reading

via Iron Bar Theory: Dystopian Wars – 1000pts PE vs CoA

Dystopian Wars – 1000pts PE vs CoA Battle Report

I had a game against Winter on Sunday, and he’s kindly posted up a battle report on his own blog.

I have to say, my luck was truly ridiculous at times during that game – large amounts of 6s, and when my dice decide to not roll 6s it was double 1s on a crit on his dreadnought to make it explode! Winter had his own moments but they were mostly towards the end of the game, such as boarding and capturing my dreadnought and double critting my battleship.

Although my early game was good, I didn’t focus fire enough which meant that too many things made it to my line with full APs, meaning they could board and take me over (if I had killed one of those Pflichts rather than heavily damaging both, I probably wouldn’t have lost my dreadnought, for example). I also was only saved a complete thrashing by the very lucky kill of his dreadnought, which would otherwise have tossed 10 elite marines across at me in the next turn.

All in all, a good fun game!

Dystopian Wars – Review (the game, my first battle, and starter fleets for CoA and EotBS)

All lined up and ready to go

I had my first game of Dystopian Wars last weekend (after ANUCON2011), with my Covenant of Antarctica versus my friend’s Empire of the Blazing Sun. I did take some photos of our deployment, but got so caught up in the game that I completely forgot to take any pictures during the game, oops!

Anyway, you get my thoughts about the game (and effectiveness of some of the ships in the CoA and EotBS starter boxes) interspersed with photos of our setup…

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Bonus Update: Covenant of Antarctica Test Model / Workbench

Just keep cruisin'

Bonus update (the regular mid-week update/rant will be up later today): I’ve painted up one of the Covenant of Antarctica models in my test scheme above – so I’m currently doing the rest of the fleet as well (I’m on holidays at the moment, so I have time to paint!).

As this weekend is ANUCON, and so the “weekend” post will be on Monday and will be pictures from the tournament, here’s what else I’m working on:

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