On the Workbench: More Amera Plastics, Dystopian Wars Large Flyers

More Plastic Trenches

Since I liked the Amera Plastics I bought before so much, I bought some more! Two more T-junction trench sections from Combat Company later, I now have enough trench sections to span a 6 foot table. All for $40, which is a bargain IMO. I obviously haven’t gotten around to painting the extras yet.

Flying into the sunset...?

Also, I finally put together and undercoated the two skyfortresses for my Britannian and Antarctican Dystopian Wars fleets, so I’ve nearly finished those armies as well. Except that the small flyers just came out, alongside the passenger liner for Britannians. Hrm.

Anyway, that’s my workbench at the moment. I’m (slowly) working on the Infinity models, so I’ll hopefully have some progress to post about on the weekend!

On the Workbench: A little bit of progress


Just a little update post – I’ve done up a bunch of teleport homers (they’re all from the Space Marine terminator sprues and bits which I bought for my 1st company). These will be used for terrain for RPGs mostly, as objectives.

On the workbench…

As for the stuff that’s in progress, I’m slowly painting up the Imperial Guard advisors, as well as slogging my way though all of my Dystopian Wars stuff.

It remains to be seen how fast I’ll actually get these done, but at least I’ve done something!

On the workbench: Yet Another Tank

The 11th Leman Russ

Not much modelling over the past week-and-a-bit, half due to actually getting some work done on my PhD (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, because I tend not to), and half because ME3 just came out so I’ve just madly finished it over the (luckily) long weekend. I’m not very happy with the ending (like a lot of teh interwebz it seems) but since that’s not the focus of this blog, onto the modelling!

I’ve put together the Mars Alpha pattern Leman Russ I got recently from forgeworld, complete with magnetising the sponsons and hull weapon (similar way I’ve done for my three Demolisher/Executioner/Punisher variants). Not much interesting, but then again I haven’t done much over the past week to show off!

Slightly Bigger

I really like the Mars Alpha hull – it makes the Russ look a little less “cartoony” (although the turret is still way too small). And I caved and bits ordered the track and hull pieces for a 12th leman russ (since I had a spare normal turret from the forgeworld kit) which arrived today, so I now have 12 leman russes. Added to the thunderer I built ages ago, that makes 13 russ hulls, which is enough.

For now.

I should really stop buying new stuff: Forgeworld and Dystopian Wars on the workbench

Here’s a quick mid-week post of the stuff that’s recently arrived and is still sitting waiting for either undercoating or assembly on my workbench:

Britannians and Antarcticans

Here are the December-January releases for the Britannians and Antarcticans for Dystopian Wars – large flyers, gunships, and corvettes for both, alongside tiny flyers and orbs for the Antarcticans.

Tanks for the tank god!

And here is my forgeworld stuff from a order I put in with a couple of mates – I got some BFG space marine destroyers and a Mars Alpha pattern leman russ to build and paint as a commissar tank (and as my 11th leman russ). The worst part is that since the kit comes with a full leman russ sprue, I now have a spare top hull and turret, which means all I have to bits order to get a 12th leman russ is a set of tracks and a lower hull…


Welcome 2012! And my modelling table is still full of projects…

Todo on the Table

Welcome to 2012 everyone!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/festive season and a wonderful new year!

To kick of the new year I figured I’d post a state-of-my-workbench post. I’ll post up some updates of particular projects which have progressed to varying degrees during the break (and in-between playing SW:TOR) in the next few mid-week and weekend updates.

Without further ado, here goes the start of gaming and modelling for the new year… Continue reading

On the Workbench: The last of the terminators, tanks, and Britannians

Getting there!

You might have spied these in the last couple of pictures from the weekend post – they’re nearly finished Britannian models for my second Dystopian Wars fleet (the subs need their detailing, the others just need final washes).

But lots more still to do

However, I’ve still got lots of stuff on the workbench, as you can see above.

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On the Workbench: Terminators, Tanks, and Valhallans

Lots of miniatures!

Here’s another workbench post, quite a bit after the last one. I’ve done a lot of modelling and painting in the last month, as you can see by the many miniatures awaiting varnish coats or newly assembled models awaiting undercoats in the photo above.

From front to back: Continue reading

Bonus Update: Covenant of Antarctica Test Model / Workbench

Just keep cruisin'

Bonus update (the regular mid-week update/rant will be up later today): I’ve painted up one of the Covenant of Antarctica models in my test scheme above – so I’m currently doing the rest of the fleet as well (I’m on holidays at the moment, so I have time to paint!).

As this weekend is ANUCON, and so the “weekend” post will be on Monday and will be pictures from the tournament, here’s what else I’m working on:

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