Running a Tournament: ANUCON2011 part 2 – Players Pack


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ANUCON2011 Players Pack

Okay, so here’s part 2, following on from last week’s mid week post, where I rant about the Player’s Pack – probably the thing which gives me the most headaches after advertising.

Why do I find the Player’s Pack so annoying to put together? Well, it’s because of the sheer number of things that should be in it… Continue reading

Running a Tournament: ANUCON2011 part 1 – When and Where?

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Mid-week post, less photo-y and more blog-y.This year I’m running ANUCON2011, the ANU Wargaming Society‘s annual autumn Warhammer 40k tournament, 2 days (24th-25th September), 6 games, 1500pts.

I figured I’d write a little irregular post series on running the tournament, and my experiences and tips and tricks as I go through the stages. I’m generally just going to be ranting, to give anyone who is interested an insight into the effort that goes into running a smallish (30 people) tournament.

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