Terrain: Highlighting the Warhammer Fantasy Village


So I gave up and went and highlighted all the buildings I built for my local club, and I have to admit that yes, they do look much better now.

Some bigger pics:

I’m putting together a few more terrain pieces (some aquarium plant trees and some PSU box sci-fi buildings), but I haven’t done any actual miniatures modeling or painting recently…

I’ll update again soon – I’m having my first game of Warhammer 40k 6th Ed tomorrow night so I’ll probably post up during the week with an update.

Terrain: A Warhammer Fantasy Village

Look, more buildings!

So I’ve finished painting all the buildings which I’ve made (so far, I might decide to make some more…).

Fenced In

I also made some fences since I was bored.

More houses

I trimmed off the paddlepop stick ends so they’re square, on the feedback of one of my friends (and yeah, they look much better now than they did before).

Now that my little side project has been finished, I guess it’s back to painting Infinity models which I’ve been procrastinating about.

Terrain: Test Paint Scheme for Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

This is a house that Luke built

Quick weekend post this time around (to make up for the spam of posts from two weeks ago, I guess). I’ve slopped some paint on one of the houses I’ve built for my local gaming club, and would like some feedback before I paint up the rest.

It’s a quick watered-down artists’s acrylic paint job – beige for the walls, light brown for the roof, darker brown for the wooden bits. It’ s not perfectly neat, but it does the job – I’ll probably have to go back and fix up some spots later.


The base is just a earthy brown at the moment, but I’m probably going to change that to a dark green as soon as I buy some.

Thoughts? Comments? What colours should the tiled roofs on the other buildings be?

Terrain Review: Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods


Third post in three days!

To replace our somewhat aged and shedding trees which have stood us well for a few years at the ANU Wargaming Society, we splurged on these Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods from Gale Force 9 (link to their store) – pictured above are one large and one small, we got two of each giving us a lot of trees in total.

Half of what we got

Ready to go out of the box (you can flock the bases – we’re probably not going to bother since flock sheds horribly and sucks for club terrain), even one box gives you enough for a Warhammer Fantasy table, but the different sized trees provide some variation.

Bob and Fred plag tag through the trees

Here we see Bob the Imperial Fist and Fred the Imperial guardsman giving some idea of scale – these small trees are maybe a bit small for 40k/Fantasy but they work, the big ones are BIG though (there’s two big ones in the back on the same base there – half the height since they’re not totally in shot).

Durability wise – I think they’re not going to shed nearly as much as our current club-made trees (plastic armatures with clumps of… flock? foam? on them), but we’ll have to keep them stored in the plastic trays they came with so they don’t get squished. The separate bases and stands will be nice for gaming since you can just move the trees out of the way if they become an issue.

Overall: 4/5

They look good, they’re reasonably priced ($46 for a box, -20% from Mind Games Canberra due to sales at Wintercon), and they work for gaming. I’m not giving them 5/5 just yet as I’m waiting to see how well they hold up to club gaming, but I have high hopes (although they can’t do much worse than our current lot of trees).

On the Workbench: More Amera Plastics, Dystopian Wars Large Flyers

More Plastic Trenches

Since I liked the Amera Plastics I bought before so much, I bought some more! Two more T-junction trench sections from Combat Company later, I now have enough trench sections to span a 6 foot table. All for $40, which is a bargain IMO. I obviously haven’t gotten around to painting the extras yet.

Flying into the sunset...?

Also, I finally put together and undercoated the two skyfortresses for my Britannian and Antarctican Dystopian Wars fleets, so I’ve nearly finished those armies as well. Except that the small flyers just came out, alongside the passenger liner for Britannians. Hrm.

Anyway, that’s my workbench at the moment. I’m (slowly) working on the Infinity models, so I’ll hopefully have some progress to post about on the weekend!

On the Workbench: A little bit of progress


Just a little update post – I’ve done up a bunch of teleport homers (they’re all from the Space Marine terminator sprues and bits which I bought for my 1st company). These will be used for terrain for RPGs mostly, as objectives.

On the workbench…

As for the stuff that’s in progress, I’m slowly painting up the Imperial Guard advisors, as well as slogging my way though all of my Dystopian Wars stuff.

It remains to be seen how fast I’ll actually get these done, but at least I’ve done something!

Terrain Review: Amera Plastics Trenches and Temple Ruin

All lined up

First proper update in three weeks!

I’ve finished all the Amera Plastics stuff I bought at CANCON earlier this year. It’s simply painted (spray black, drybush/wetbrush browns and greys), but since it’s terrain I don’t feel the need to do a top-notch job on it. The plastic itself is very sturdy and solid even though it’s vacu-formed stuff, so I don’t anticipate any problems with it standing up to the rigours of gameplay.

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Warhammer Terrain Garden of Morr Painted!

Welcoming, isn't it.

I’ve actually had this painted for a while now, but completely forgot about taking some finished photos and posting them up (it’s been boxed up in my terrain box ever since I finished it). So, it hasn’t actually taken me months since I originally unboxed it to actually complete it. I swear!

Anywho, on to the photos!

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Garden of Morr – Warhammer Terrain Unboxing Review

This image from www.games-workshop.com

So, Garden of Morr, the new Warhammer Fantasy terrain piece! Here’s my unboxing and review…

Note that all the remaining pictures – which are mine – are a bit lower quality than usual. I can’t find my usual camera, so I had to make do with my phone, so sorry for the poor quality.

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