About RPGs I’m Playing (and Sisters of Battle Rhino Photos)


Unforunately, I seem to have misplaced my camera this week, therefore I don’t have any new photos. So, you’re going to get some photos of a Sisters of Battle Rhino I’ve had finished for ages (which is waiting for some sisters to go with it), while I talk about all the RPGs I’ve been up to. I’m planning on doing more in-depth posts on the RPGs for a while but I’ve never gotten to it because I want to take photos of some of the miniatures and D&D tile boards I’ve bought and made and so on to go with them, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

When I find my camera there will be new photos – I’ve finally started painting up all the chimeras, I’ve assembled (and magnetised) the leman russes, and I’ve assembled all the terminators – so now I just have lots of painting to do! Well, up until my Dystopian Wars Britannian fleet arrives in the post…

Anyway, on to random RPG rant time… Continue reading

Back to Warhammer: Thunderer Conversion


So, after a while of Dystopian Wars, back to Warhammer! Here’s my Imperial Guard Thunderer conversion which I built and painted ages ago – I had a really old Space Marine vindicator kit from Forgeworld in my bits box for ages, and since (at that point) I no longer played Space Marines I decided I might as well do something with it and build a Thunderer conversion. Continue reading

On the workbench: Still the same stuff, plus Mechanicus Chaos Lords and Exalted character



So the workbench is as crowded as ever, since I haven’t gotten much painting done in the last month or so, but managed to put together all five chimeras from over a month ago.

I have managed to do three character conversions this weekend though, so at least that’s something! Now to paint them… Continue reading

On the workbench: drop pods, valhallans, and more terminators

The workbench at the moment...

So, workbench update this week!

I’ve just assembled and undercoated two drop pods to finish my deathwatch space marines army, as a change from the terminators and valhallans.

You’ll notice that the valhallans are still hanging around on my painting table – the specials are about 50% done, but I’m taking them slowly so I can keep taking step-by-step photos for a later post. Continue reading

Finished: Trojan (oh, and the techpriest too)

It's not a horse.

So just over a month ago I posted pics of my kit-bashed unpainted trojan – now it’s all painted up!

Sorry, no progress pics – I’m still getting used to this “take pictures as you go for the blog” thing. Also, since my painting is relatively simple, I tend to finish an entire tank or squad in a single session that’s a few hours long, rather than painting in short batches (although I’m trying with the terminators and the valhallan infantry right now, so I can post up how I paint them).

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On the workbench: trojan


Sorry no new content this week – I’ve got a slight cold and haven’t had time to do any real modelling or take a lot of new pictures.

Converted using my large collection of bits and some plasticard (for the cargo area), it’s a trojan that also can proxy as a chimera for normal games, to cart my techpriest enginseer and his servitors around (hence the pintle-mounted multilaser). Continue reading