Deathwatch Updates

I’ve been updating some of my Deathwatch space marines so that they’re a bit more consistent – sternguard and veterans get nicer shoulder pads (the metal ones from Games Workshop), sternguard with their special issue ammo get the deathwatch boltguns with ammo selectors (also from that kit), normal marines get standard boltguns and plainer Inquisition shoulder pads, and veterans get forgeworld boltguns.

Thus, I’ve changed out Kantor’s bolter for a forgeworld one.

Dorn's Arrow goes pre-heresy

Dorn’s Arrow goes pre-heresy

Similarly, I’ve swapped out the Librarian’s bolt pistol for one from forgeworld as well.

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Along with this, I’ve redone the apothecary I did ages ago for a Deathwatch RPG campaign, so that now his gun is magnetised and swappable for a bolt pistol (since apothecaries don’t get special ammo in 40k, if I ever actually use an apothecary in a command squad that is), and given him a nicer shoulder pad.

Shoulder Pad

Shoulder Pad (I went a bit overboard with the wash though…)

I also edge-highlighted his reductor arm in white, to make it pop a bit more (as it looked a bit too grey before).

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

Salamanders Movie Space Marines (and Vulkan)

Movie Space Marines advance!

Movie Space Marines advance!

As I promised last week, here are the painted photos of my Salamanders Movie Space Marines. I also did up a Vulkan conversion for them, although he’s a lot plainer and cleaner than the standard-sized Games Workshop model.

My view of the Salamanders chapter is that of pragmatic steadfastness, with individual members being largely self sufficient (hence being able to maintain their own wargear). They wouldn’t go over the top with extras – good-quality, working wargear would be the priority, with only a little ornamentation for more important members (or those with a bit more time on their hands).

I’ve always been a fan of clean-looking space marines too, rather than those with lots of “bling”, and I hadn’t painted much green (and still haven’t since then) so Salamanders were my choice of chapter.

More photos below (like last week, sorry for the smallish sizes – I should really do a re-shoot of these figures):

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Artscale Movie Space Marines

I did these ages ago, but I kept forgetting that I had pictures of them to post up. So, finally, here are my artscale Space Marines, which I modelled to use as Movie Space Marines (where one tactical squad in a rhino is 1500pts!).

Big Marines!

Big Marines!

Inspired by various other modellers, but most notably Lamenter and Apologist (with his Praetors of Calth, Imperial Fists, and Sons of Horus), I decided to give the Artscale/Truescale/Big Space Marine craze a go. These have long since been finished and painted as Salamanders, but here are the unpainted shots of my 10 “biggerised” space marines.

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Back with new Space Marines

So, after my unplanned two and a half month long hiatus – due firstly because I was finishing my thesis, and secondly because I haven’t had internet for the past week – I’m finally back. I’ll try to get some photos of recent stuff I’ve finished done and uploaded, but no guarantees (since ANUCON2013 is coming up in a week and a half).

And there are new Space Marines.

Space Marine Codex 2013

Spess Mahreens!!!!!!!! (from )

So, I’ve seen the new book, and although I’m slightly underwhelmed (yay… a couple of new toys to go with the new kits and a much-needed revamp of Chapter Tactics) I think it’s generally a good codex. More of my two cents follows…

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Photos from Flight of Truth (Istvann III Phase 2 Legendary Battle)

You shall not pass!

You shall not pass!

Here’s the second of four legendary battles which we played during our Istvann III campaign (however, I don’t have photos of the last one).

The second battle is “Flight of Truth”, with the loyalists (played by Rudi’s guardsmen) attempting to get one of three “voices of truth” to the shuttle and escape. It’s a 1000pt game on a 4×4 foot battlefield, with infantry only. The brave loyalist Imperial Army are faced by my own bi-polar Alpha Legion Terminators (who cunningly painted their armour so they don’t match any space marine legion, adding to the confusion – they ended up playing on both sides during the campaign).

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BFG Space Marines

More Battlefleet Gothic

So, another short weekend post – I’ve done quite a bit of stuff, I just keep forgetting to actually take photos of all of it.

Lots of escorts

So here’s the Space Marine component of my BFG fleet – it’s mostly escorts, primarily because I ordered three hunter destroyers from Forgeworld and got three sprues of three (nine total) instead…

The lone Strike Criser

I only own the one Strike Cruiser, mainly because a) I hardly ever play BFG, b) when I do play I play Imperial Navy, and c) they’re really expensive price-wise.

A Fleet of Space Marines

That’s all for this weekend – no promises this time around since I know how bad I’ve been at keeping them, but I’ll try to have photos of my new stuff soon!

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus…

Terminator Librarian

Sorry everyone! A combination of *gasp* actually having motivation to write my PhD, Borderlands 2, SW:TOR, and a couple of other things mean that I’ve unfortunately neglected some other things – such as this blog – of late.

I’ll be putting up the much-delayed photos from ANUCON 2012 which ran nearly a month ago shortly. In the meantime, here’s the terminator librarian which I’ve finished to tide you all over.

I’m really proud of that axe

Hopefully, I’ll get around to taking some photos of the stuff I’ve done in the past month soon and I’ll be able to resume regular weekly updates.

Fingers crossed, but no promises!

Grey Knights Squad and Rhino

Not-So-Grey Knights

I finished updating these Grey Knights last week, and did their new rhino at the same time as well. The marines themselves were done ages ago, back before the days of washes and shades and glazes, so I updated them to give them a bit more depth and shading (the same way the Deathwatch were updated).

So, here’s some quick pictures for this weekend’s update:

Rhino-ing along

The rhino mirrors the Grey Knights scheme – black w/ grey highlights, shaded black to dull them down. White and red alternating corners to match the marines’ heraldry colours.

More Rhino

The icons are from the Stormraven Gunship. Everything got the black shade/wash to dull the colours down, similar to the effect on the marines:

Grey Knights

These are the old metal models, updated with the new plastic Grey Knight nemesis force swords (usually done by either handswaps or bladeswaps), and a deamonhammer for the justicar (which I know isn’t the best in-game choice – one perils of the warp and pop goes the hammer…).

The blue force swords are simly silver glazed with the new blue glaze – simple and effective.

Deathwatch Space Marine Army

Deathwatch Leaders

I’ve finally given these guys a touch up, and minus their final protective varnish coat I’m happy to call this army finished (finally!). These are my deathwatch space marines – played using the Space Marine codex, the army consists of:

  • Pedro Kantor
  • Librarian
  • 25 Sternguard (2×10 with meltagun, heavy flamer, powerfist, 1×5 with 2 heavy bolters)
  • 2×5 Scouts with sniper rifles and missile launcher (obligatory troops choices, as Inquisitorial troops)
  • 5 Scout bikers (as more Inquisitorial troops)

I’ve included a gallery of the entire army (generally front/side shots of everything), but here’s some comments as well:

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