Papercraft: The Chickenhawk is airborne at last!

Ready to fly

So the Chickenhawk-based gunship is finally all done and ready to fly! I’ve done a quick paintjob on the thing, mostly grey with a rough black wash, to make it spaceworthy for the Dark Heresy game I ran on Friday (which ended up not using the model, although they did fly it in a brief pseudo-combat).

Anyway, here’s a small gallery of the finished dropship.

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Papercraft: Chickenhawk becomes a bit more solid

So, the papercraft Inquisitorial gunship/dropship I’m building is slowly taking shape! It’s now a gunship/dropship as I’ve decided on arming it the same as a Marauder Bomber (six nose-mounted autocannons, dorsal twin heavy bolter, rear twin assault cannons, missiles and bombs), which means it’s ever so slightly going to be too heavily armed to be just a dropship.

Green and White

As you can see, no more unsightly panel join lines, now replaced by unsightly scratches, dints, and green splotches! Um…

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Papercraft: UD12 Chickenhawk from

A long time ago I built a papercraft drop pod, way back before the plastic drop pod models came out. Since then, I’ve stayed away from papercraft, since a) there weren’t any models I really wanted to build that didn’t have actual miniatures and b) the lack of detail on papercraft models meant I didn’t really like them.

However, I’ve recently really wanted to build a 40k-style gunship – something slightly bigger than a valkyrie or a stormraven, smaller than a thunderhawk, that could be used as an inquisitorial combat drop ship. I did a bit of searching around and found the above model – the UD12 Chickenhawk from The plan is to build a cardboard model, then detail it using bits from my rather large bitz collection as well as specific bits from Ebay.

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