Yes, I finally finished some stuff!

Advising all the time

A quick weekend post for stuff I’ve finished recently – first up the Imperial Guard advisors. Primary colours and black wash to make them fit in with my Valhallans, not really much special about these (but they’re very very nice models, lots of little details to pick out!)


From back to front: I’ve finished the Kingdom of Britannia medium flyers (there’s 4, I only included 2 in the picture), gunships (very nice models! I love the rear torpedo turret), and corvettes (there’s 6, included 3). They’re done the same way as the rest of the KoB fleet – the guide I would link to, except I apparently haven’t posted it up yet! Hrm.

From the icy wastes of Antarctica...

Finally, here are the Covenant of Antarctica which I’ve finished: The two naval callimachus orbs, the three gunships (162 ball turrets total!), and corvettes (again, 6 total, 3 pictured). These I can link to the painting guide for, although I’m not sure how well the new GW paint range will translate (I’m glad I have enough old paints to finish these guys off, since if the new blue wash is even slightly different you’ll be able to tell).

I’ve only managed to make a minimum of inroads into the pile of stuff on my workbench from last week, so there probably won’t be a midweek post this coming week. I’ll post up something (probably the Kingdom of Britannia painting guide if I haven’t done anything else) next weekend.

On the Workbench: A little bit of progress


Just a little update post – I’ve done up a bunch of teleport homers (they’re all from the Space Marine terminator sprues and bits which I bought for my 1st company). These will be used for terrain for RPGs mostly, as objectives.

On the workbench…

As for the stuff that’s in progress, I’m slowly painting up the Imperial Guard advisors, as well as slogging my way though all of my Dystopian Wars stuff.

It remains to be seen how fast I’ll actually get these done, but at least I’ve done something!

I should really stop buying new stuff: Forgeworld and Dystopian Wars on the workbench

Here’s a quick mid-week post of the stuff that’s recently arrived and is still sitting waiting for either undercoating or assembly on my workbench:

Britannians and Antarcticans

Here are the December-January releases for the Britannians and Antarcticans for Dystopian Wars – large flyers, gunships, and corvettes for both, alongside tiny flyers and orbs for the Antarcticans.

Tanks for the tank god!

And here is my forgeworld stuff from a order I put in with a couple of mates – I got some BFG space marine destroyers and a Mars Alpha pattern leman russ to build and paint as a commissar tank (and as my 11th leman russ). The worst part is that since the kit comes with a full leman russ sprue, I now have a spare top hull and turret, which means all I have to bits order to get a 12th leman russ is a set of tracks and a lower hull…


Magnetising a Leman Russ

All loaded up and ready to roll

So for a while now I’ve had three leman russes sitting in my “to undercoat” box. What makes them special (apart from the three month wait for paint) is that they’re fully magnetised – both sponsons and all the guns. Although this has been done by many other people before me, I haven’t done anything new this past week and I haven’t taken any new photos of my old finished stuff, so instead you get a quick rundown on how I magnetised my russes.

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Finished: Adeptus Arbites Imperial Guard

Halt in the name of the Emperor!

For the next few weeks you’ll be getting archive photos from my past few weeks of work for two reasons: one, Star Wars the Old Republic just came out so I’m busy playing that rather than doing sensible things like modelling or painting, and two it’s Christmas!

So with that in mind, I’ll be posting up some of my backlog of painted miniatures which I haven’t posted yet, and there will be more work-in-progress stuff in the new year.

Thus, this week, here are some Adeptus Arbites models which I put together recently for my Dark Heresy campaign, out of Cadian Imperial Guard bits, Bretonnian Men-at-arms Shields, and using the Dragonforge Goth-Tek bases which I bought ages ago (and were so good, I actually just bought some more as well). Continue reading

Last Chancers and other random Imperial Guard


Sorry about the lack of mid-week post this week – I’ve been sick and just didn’t get around to it.

You might have noticed the first-picture link now points to the post instead of the full-size version of the picture – I’m trying this out for now to improve naviation. However, it does mean I have to repost the first picture later on to give you the link to the big one, so I’m still not sure. (How many of you instinctively click on the picture to go to the rest of the article? How many of you don’t even read the rest of the article? How many of you use rss feeds instead and don’t even notice because you don’t see the front page of the blog?)

I’ve done a bit of painting and modelling, finishing off some more of my Britannians for Dystopian Wars, but I’ll leave more pictures of them for when I’m done with all of their stuff. So, this weekend, you get some pictures of random Imperial Guard models and the Last Chancers.

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On the Workbench: Terminators, Tanks, and Valhallans

Lots of miniatures!

Here’s another workbench post, quite a bit after the last one. I’ve done a lot of modelling and painting in the last month, as you can see by the many miniatures awaiting varnish coats or newly assembled models awaiting undercoats in the photo above.

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Back to Warhammer: Thunderer Conversion


So, after a while of Dystopian Wars, back to Warhammer! Here’s my Imperial Guard Thunderer conversion which I built and painted ages ago – I had a really old Space Marine vindicator kit from Forgeworld in my bits box for ages, and since (at that point) I no longer played Space Marines I decided I might as well do something with it and build a Thunderer conversion. Continue reading

On the workbench: Still the same stuff, plus Mechanicus Chaos Lords and Exalted character



So the workbench is as crowded as ever, since I haven’t gotten much painting done in the last month or so, but managed to put together all five chimeras from over a month ago.

I have managed to do three character conversions this weekend though, so at least that’s something! Now to paint them… Continue reading

Finished: Trojan (oh, and the techpriest too)

It's not a horse.

So just over a month ago I posted pics of my kit-bashed unpainted trojan – now it’s all painted up!

Sorry, no progress pics – I’m still getting used to this “take pictures as you go for the blog” thing. Also, since my painting is relatively simple, I tend to finish an entire tank or squad in a single session that’s a few hours long, rather than painting in short batches (although I’m trying with the terminators and the valhallan infantry right now, so I can post up how I paint them).

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