Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup



So here’s my finished Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup – 1850pts in 13 tanks (well, 12 tanks and a sentinel) and one infantry model.

I took this list to ACT masters last month, and did rather poorly (2nd last out of 14, with 3 major losses, 1 minor loss, and 1 draw), only coming out ahead of my friend who also brought an armoured battlegroup (and who also got joint best sport, so congrats to him!). However, being able to throw 12 tanks at people was fun 😀

Gallery of some more shots below.

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Victoria Miniatures: Female Troops Test Scupts (aka Luke has another ‘shut up and take my money’ moment)

So, the highly talented Victoria Lamb (her shop with her already released stuff is here) is scupting up some female trooper versions of her very nice multi-part troopers…

Female test scupts from Victoria Lamb (link to DakkaDakka thread)

Part of me is very glad that they’re not actually done yet, so I haven’t spent any money yet.

Another part of me is very impatiently waiting for them to be released.



Guess I better start saving up…

Photos from Flight of Truth (Istvann III Phase 2 Legendary Battle)

You shall not pass!

You shall not pass!

Here’s the second of four legendary battles which we played during our Istvann III campaign (however, I don’t have photos of the last one).

The second battle is “Flight of Truth”, with the loyalists (played by Rudi’s guardsmen) attempting to get one of three “voices of truth” to the shuttle and escape. It’s a 1000pt game on a 4×4 foot battlefield, with infantry only. The brave loyalist Imperial Army are faced by my own bi-polar Alpha Legion Terminators (who cunningly painted their armour so they don’t match any space marine legion, adding to the confusion – they ended up playing on both sides during the campaign).

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On the Workbench: Napoleonics and More Napoleonics (and some random stuff too)

Stuff I'm Painting Right Now: Infinity Nomads

Stuff I’m Painting Right Now: Infinity Nomads

Here’s what I’m working on right now: trying to madly finish the last couple of miniatures for my Infinity Nomads. Above are two zonds (Nomad Remotes) – the front one has its black and red areas finished, whereas I’ve just done base-and-shade on the back one.

Why am I trying to finish the Nomads rather than continuing on with more Napoleonics?

Corregidor Jurisdictional Command Starter Pack (from )

Yeah, these guys are coming out. I had a “shut up and take my money” moment as soon as I saw them (dammit!).

Stuff that’s in the pipeline:

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Photos from Cometh the Red Angel (Istvann III Phase 1 Legendary Battle)

The Arrival of Angron

The Arrival of Angron

Over the past month and a bit my local gaming club (the ANU Wargaming Society) has been playing the Istavann III campaign. So far, the results are mixed: Phase 1 the Traitors won handily, and Phase 2 the Loyalists won with a bit of a struggle. We’re halfway through Phase 3, where the Loyalists are currently ahead.

Some of us have been playing the Legendary Battles from the campaign, and we’ve been taking photos. Here are photos from the Phase 1 Legendary Battle, Cometh the Red Angel, with Rudi’s Imperial Army (Imperial Guard) versus Tom’s World Eaters Legion.

It was a bloodbath, but the later pictures will tell you exactly who won…

(Many thanks to Rudi and Tom for both taking photos of their game and letting me post them on my blog!)

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Recently Completed Things

Stuff's been done!

Stuff’s been done!

Sorry about missing my weekend post – my local club (the ANU Wargaming Society) ran a whole-day event on Sunday, which involved a lot of games and two BBQs. So, here’s a post about the things I’ve finished recently (although a lot of this stuff has been done for a while – it’s just only now that I’ve gotten around to giving them all a coat of matt varnish).

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Review: Victoria Lamb Shoulder Boards and Laser Rifles

Guns and Shoulderpads

A quick review of some bits I recently bought that just arrived from Victoria Lamb, who’s a very talented sculptor/painter who lives down here in Oz (and has won a few golden demons, if my memory serves me correctly). The direct link to her webstore is here:

Although she produces some very nice conversion bits and kits for Imperial Guard (most temptingly the Victorian Guard…) I managed to limit myself to only buying some shoulder boards from her ($5 postage for $10 or less of stuff, $10 for $10.01 to $100, above that free – I stayed in the <$10 range). By some, I mean 6 lots – they’re only $1.50 each sprue!


Here’s a close up – nicely sculpted, I could probably have given it a go myself but honestly why bother when I can just buy them like this! I’m planning on using these on some commissars in various states of disrepair I’ve got on the way from Ebay – some of them are missing some arms, so I’ll need these to make them match.

I bought six of them to get to $9, to get the most value for money I could for the shipping (without splurging). However, Victoria kindly gave me these extras (I’m guessing because postage across Australia for a padded envelope doesn’t actually cost the full $5):

Laser rifles

$2 for the 4 of them, they’re very nicely detailed laser rifles. I have no idea what I’ll do with these, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Overall: 5/5

No further comments really, these are great products at very reasonable prices and with very fast service.