Grey Knights Squad and Rhino

Not-So-Grey Knights

I finished updating these Grey Knights last week, and did their new rhino at the same time as well. The marines themselves were done ages ago, back before the days of washes and shades and glazes, so I updated them to give them a bit more depth and shading (the same way the Deathwatch were updated).

So, here’s some quick pictures for this weekend’s update:

Rhino-ing along

The rhino mirrors the Grey Knights scheme – black w/ grey highlights, shaded black to dull them down. White and red alternating corners to match the marines’ heraldry colours.

More Rhino

The icons are from the Stormraven Gunship. Everything got the black shade/wash to dull the colours down, similar to the effect on the marines:

Grey Knights

These are the old metal models, updated with the new plastic Grey Knight nemesis force swords (usually done by either handswaps or bladeswaps), and a deamonhammer for the justicar (which I know isn’t the best in-game choice – one perils of the warp and pop goes the hammer…).

The blue force swords are simly silver glazed with the new blue glaze – simple and effective.