On the Workbench: AdMech CSM Cultists and Heldrake

AdMech Cultists

I built these before Christmas and haven’t done any work on them since, but here are my newest additions to my AdMech Cultists.

I had 18 lesser deamons in my old AdMech CSM list, but now that deamons are allies only I’ve changed them to be cultists. I built some extra guys with flamers, autoguns, and a heavy stubber. The cultists with the vox backpacks are the leaders, just so I can actually pick them out on the tabletop.

Leaders and Flamers

They’re built from Warhammer Fantasy zombie legs, bodies, and (where they exist) arms, with Imperial Guard Cadian flamers, autoguns (converted from lasguns by adding plasticard barrels), heavy stubber, and vox backpacks. The heads are Pig Iron rebel heads (hooded and unhooded).


I’m also working on what currently looks like a cuttlefish but is in fact a heldrake. I’m (very painstakingly) removing most of the filigree and spikes on the wings and body, to give it a cleaner appearance as befits an AdMech arcane combat engine (similar to what I did with my defiler). I still haven’t worked out exactly what I’m going to do with the head – current ideas are either to leave it as the dragon head or graft a servitor or techpriest onto the hull instead of the head and neck.

Once I finish modifying all the wings and everything, I’ll do a couple of mock ups to see what people think. Any other suggestions are welcome!

GW: Summer of Flyers Pictures

From Bell of Lost Souls Lounge:

From Bell of Lost Souls: Space Marine Stormtalon

So we have the Space Marine Stormtalon (looks even more like a flying guppy to me than the Stormraven did, and I agree with comments that it looks like a GI Joe toy), the Ork Blitza-Bommer/Burna-Bommer/Dakkajet which looks awesome, and the Necron Doomscythe/Nightscythe which also looks awesome (and looks like a necron-styled 2003 Battlestar Galactica Cylon raider to me, which isn’t a bad thing because I love that show).

I guess 2 out of three isn’t bad.

What’s with those landing gear on the chin turret for the Stormtalon anyway? And does anyone else thing that “Stormtalon” sounds rather awkward?

Papercraft: The Chickenhawk is airborne at last!

Ready to fly

So the Chickenhawk-based gunship is finally all done and ready to fly! I’ve done a quick paintjob on the thing, mostly grey with a rough black wash, to make it spaceworthy for the Dark Heresy game I ran on Friday (which ended up not using the model, although they did fly it in a brief pseudo-combat).

Anyway, here’s a small gallery of the finished dropship.

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Not Just Papercraft Anymore: Chickenhawk gets detailing


So here’s the latest update for the Chickenhawk Gunship:

Armed and Armoured

As you can see it’s progressed quite a bit, with quite a bit of detailing and most of the guns added.

I’ve used Liquid Green Stuff to provide a smooth finish to each of the panels, hence the green. It’s very solid – I’ve already dropped it once and it survived fine, although the putty work did get a dent in it, so it should handle gameplay rigours fine.

I settled on the as-Marauder-Destroyer armament, which makes it very overarmed but as an Inquisitorial gunship, I don’t have a problem with it.

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Papercraft: Chickenhawk becomes a bit more solid


So, the papercraft Inquisitorial gunship/dropship I’m building is slowly taking shape! It’s now a gunship/dropship as I’ve decided on arming it the same as a Marauder Bomber (six nose-mounted autocannons, dorsal twin heavy bolter, rear twin assault cannons, missiles and bombs), which means it’s ever so slightly going to be too heavily armed to be just a dropship.

Green and White

As you can see, no more unsightly panel join lines, now replaced by unsightly scratches, dints, and green splotches! Um…

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Papercraft: UD12 Chickenhawk from www.toposolitario.com


A long time ago I built a papercraft drop pod, way back before the plastic drop pod models came out. Since then, I’ve stayed away from papercraft, since a) there weren’t any models I really wanted to build that didn’t have actual miniatures and b) the lack of detail on papercraft models meant I didn’t really like them.

However, I’ve recently really wanted to build a 40k-style gunship – something slightly bigger than a valkyrie or a stormraven, smaller than a thunderhawk, that could be used as an inquisitorial combat drop ship. I did a bit of searching around and found the above model – the UD12 Chickenhawk from www.toposolitario.com. The plan is to build a cardboard model, then detail it using bits from my rather large bitz collection as well as specific bits from Ebay.

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