I’m not dead – ANUCON trophies!

Some assembly may be required.

Pile of MDF

Pile of MDF

So I’m not dead yet – sorry I haven’t posted anything since… wow, January. I’ve since joined the full-time workforce and have suddenly found myself without much time or inclination to do painting or modelling.

Here’s what I’ve actually painted in the last six months, ranging from the historial:

More british napoleonics... still lots more to go.

More british napoleonics… still lots more to go.

To the sci-fi:

Four more infinity nomads

Four more infinity nomads

I keep wanting to buy new stuff, but since I’ve only finished twelve models since the last batch of stuff I bought I figured I’d better not.

And then this came out:

Operation Icestorm From www.infinitythegame.com

Operation Icestorm
From www.infinitythegame.com

And I couldn’t resist.

Pretty, pretty, models. From www.infinitythegame.com

Pretty, pretty, models.
From www.infinitythegame.com

At least it’s a preorder and won’t be actually released for another month or two – so I have some time to finish another two to four models, at this rate.


Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup



So here’s my finished Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup – 1850pts in 13 tanks (well, 12 tanks and a sentinel) and one infantry model.

I took this list to ACT masters last month, and did rather poorly (2nd last out of 14, with 3 major losses, 1 minor loss, and 1 draw), only coming out ahead of my friend who also brought an armoured battlegroup (and who also got joint best sport, so congrats to him!). However, being able to throw 12 tanks at people was fun 😀

Gallery of some more shots below.

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Deathwatch Updates

I’ve been updating some of my Deathwatch space marines so that they’re a bit more consistent – sternguard and veterans get nicer shoulder pads (the metal ones from Games Workshop), sternguard with their special issue ammo get the deathwatch boltguns with ammo selectors (also from that kit), normal marines get standard boltguns and plainer Inquisition shoulder pads, and veterans get forgeworld boltguns.

Thus, I’ve changed out Kantor’s bolter for a forgeworld one.

Dorn's Arrow goes pre-heresy

Dorn’s Arrow goes pre-heresy

Similarly, I’ve swapped out the Librarian’s bolt pistol for one from forgeworld as well.

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Forgeworld Bolt Pistol

Along with this, I’ve redone the apothecary I did ages ago for a Deathwatch RPG campaign, so that now his gun is magnetised and swappable for a bolt pistol (since apothecaries don’t get special ammo in 40k, if I ever actually use an apothecary in a command squad that is), and given him a nicer shoulder pad.

Shoulder Pad

Shoulder Pad (I went a bit overboard with the wash though…)

I also edge-highlighted his reductor arm in white, to make it pop a bit more (as it looked a bit too grey before).

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

Re-highlighted the reductor arm, to make it a bit more white

Salamanders Movie Space Marines (and Vulkan)

Movie Space Marines advance!

Movie Space Marines advance!

As I promised last week, here are the painted photos of my Salamanders Movie Space Marines. I also did up a Vulkan conversion for them, although he’s a lot plainer and cleaner than the standard-sized Games Workshop model.

My view of the Salamanders chapter is that of pragmatic steadfastness, with individual members being largely self sufficient (hence being able to maintain their own wargear). They wouldn’t go over the top with extras – good-quality, working wargear would be the priority, with only a little ornamentation for more important members (or those with a bit more time on their hands).

I’ve always been a fan of clean-looking space marines too, rather than those with lots of “bling”, and I hadn’t painted much green (and still haven’t since then) so Salamanders were my choice of chapter.

More photos below (like last week, sorry for the smallish sizes – I should really do a re-shoot of these figures):

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Much Belated Post: Progress!

So, I haven’t posted in over a month now – sorry about that, I’ve been doing some hobby stuff but a) I’ve been going through a series of rewrites and revisions for my PhD thesis and b) I haven’t been able to find any time while the weather’s been sunny enough to take decent photos (I use natural light, since I don’t have a propper lighting rig and my camera flash is atrocious).

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve completed over the past month:

I’ll post some workbench shots during this week so you can see what I’ve still got cooking (mostly, a whole bunch of Napoleonics). I’ll also get around to posting the last couple of galleries from the Istvann III Campaign as well…

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos – is this the quickest project I’ve ever finished?

That was quick...

That was quick…

So, I suspect this is the quickest that I’ve ever managed to finish a project from purchasing it to having it all painted up and ready to play. My new Battlefleet Gothic Chaos fleet arrived just over two weeks ago, and in the space of two Sunday gaming nights at the ANU Wargaming Society I managed to assemble and then paint them up (I did undercoat them in the time between though).

So, with the fleet done, here’s some pictures:

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2^7 posts: binary milestones with an AdMech character

AdMech Lord counts in binary

AdMech Lord counts in binary

So, since I just sped past my 100th post (which by my count – wordpress doesn’t actually give posts sequential numbers – is one of the “dreamhost is broken and slow ones!), here’s a celebration of the 2^7th post (128th, for my readers and friends who aren’t computer science nerds)! Conveniently, I’ve just finished my revamp of my Adeptus Mechanicus Lord, who under the newest Chaos Space Marines codex is a Warpsmith.

Mechadendrites, melta and flamer

Mechadendrites, melta and flamer

I’ve also finished rebuilding the old terminator lord as just another terminator, with combi-plasma and chainfist.



This is so that the 5-man terminator squad with heavy flamer is actually game legal, even if I don’t think I’ll be fielding them anytime soon.

And that’s my (meagre) progress on this milestone post – my Victrix napoleonics arrived during the week so I’ll be posting up a review of them and the Perry equivalents soon (probably next weekend).

Recently Completed Things

Stuff's been done!

Stuff’s been done!

Sorry about missing my weekend post – my local club (the ANU Wargaming Society) ran a whole-day event on Sunday, which involved a lot of games and two BBQs. So, here’s a post about the things I’ve finished recently (although a lot of this stuff has been done for a while – it’s just only now that I’ve gotten around to giving them all a coat of matt varnish).

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Infinity: Nomads So Far

Happy over-commercialised holiday seasons to everyone!

Getting there, slowly…

For my Christmas post this year, here’s a gallery of all the Infinity models which I’ve completed. I still have a couple more to go, but I’m getting there!

I’ve unfortunately been sidetracked with revamping my Chaos Space Marines army though, so it’ll be a couple more months yet.

Gallery after the link:

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