Dystopian Wars: Empire of the Blazing Sun Test Model

Choo choo!

I’ve just finished painting up my first Empire of the Blazing Sun frigate, in my test colour scheme of red and white. Since my friend’s gone with mostly white, I went mostly red instead.

I’m not too sure about the dirtiness of the white – it does look a little too dirty to me, although that may just be on the smooth surface of the funnel – but apart from that I think it works. I’m thinking of going with red for the background of anywhere there are guns (so, broadsides and the tiny turret for this frigate), black for the (fuel?) tanks on the back, and white elsewhere.

Thoughts and comments anyone?

Dystopian Wars – Review (the game, my first battle, and starter fleets for CoA and EotBS)

All lined up and ready to go

I had my first game of Dystopian Wars last weekend (after ANUCON2011), with my Covenant of Antarctica versus my friend’s Empire of the Blazing Sun. I did take some photos of our deployment, but got so caught up in the game that I completely forgot to take any pictures during the game, oops!

Anyway, you get my thoughts about the game (and effectiveness of some of the ships in the CoA and EotBS starter boxes) interspersed with photos of our setup…

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