Random RPG Models Time!

I haven’t really done any hobby stuff in the last week, so here’s the first of many things which are on the giant list of “pictures to post”. Today, here are most of my random fantasy-style miniatures which get used for D&D and Exalted RPG sessions. There’s only a couple of pictures, so I’ll just whack them all on the page without a “continue reading” link. These are all from various manufacturers – mostly Reaper, some GW, and a couple of miscellaneous (I think).

Various warrior/fighter characters

Wizards and mages and clerics (and runepriests, because they're kinda mages too)

Rogues and rangers

Some randoms, which I forgot to photo in with the others...

My collection of female pirate miniatures.

Finally, some town guard which are nearly unconverted GW Bretonnian models (you tend to need town guard quite a bit in RPG campaigns...)

I also own a bunch of random monster miniatures and a whole bunch of GW Lord of the Rings orcs & goblins, which I’ll post up next time I haven’t done anything during the last week.

On the workbench: d&d miniatures and terminators

So here’s my “to paint” box this week. Clockwise from bottom:

  • Bottom-Right: a LoTR Faramir model plus 5 reaper/warlord miniatures for D&D
  • Bottom-Centre: OOP Terminator chaplain, with new arms and bits-bashed crozius
  • Bottom-Left: Terminators
  • Top: Valhallans, miscellaneous
  • Right: Bits-bashed Trojan

Also included are some battlefield bits (barrels, crates) which I got, coz I’ve always liked those models and figured I’d splurge on them (they’ll be used for Inquisitor-28mm mainly).

I’ll show the D&D miniatures and the terminators this week, and I’ll get some closer photos of the valhallans and the trojan for later on.

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