On the Workbench: More Amera Plastics, Dystopian Wars Large Flyers

More Plastic Trenches

Since I liked the Amera Plastics I bought before so much, I bought some more! Two more T-junction trench sections from Combat Company later, I now have enough trench sections to span a 6 foot table. All for $40, which is a bargain IMO. I obviously haven’t gotten around to painting the extras yet.

Flying into the sunset...?

Also, I finally put together and undercoated the two skyfortresses for my Britannian and Antarctican Dystopian Wars fleets, so I’ve nearly finished those armies as well. Except that the small flyers just came out, alongside the passenger liner for Britannians. Hrm.

Anyway, that’s my workbench at the moment. I’m (slowly) working on the Infinity models, so I’ll hopefully have some progress to post about on the weekend!

Yes, I finally finished some stuff!

Advising all the time

A quick weekend post for stuff I’ve finished recently – first up the Imperial Guard advisors. Primary colours and black wash to make them fit in with my Valhallans, not really much special about these (but they’re very very nice models, lots of little details to pick out!)


From back to front: I’ve finished the Kingdom of Britannia medium flyers (there’s 4, I only included 2 in the picture), gunships (very nice models! I love the rear torpedo turret), and corvettes (there’s 6, included 3). They’re done the same way as the rest of the KoB fleet – the guide I would link to, except I apparently haven’t posted it up yet! Hrm.

From the icy wastes of Antarctica...

Finally, here are the Covenant of Antarctica which I’ve finished: The two naval callimachus orbs, the three gunships (162 ball turrets total!), and corvettes (again, 6 total, 3 pictured). These I can link to the painting guide for, although I’m not sure how well the new GW paint range will translate (I’m glad I have enough old paints to finish these guys off, since if the new blue wash is even slightly different you’ll be able to tell).

I’ve only managed to make a minimum of inroads into the pile of stuff on my workbench from last week, so there probably won’t be a midweek post this coming week. I’ll post up something (probably the Kingdom of Britannia painting guide if I haven’t done anything else) next weekend.

I should really stop buying new stuff: Forgeworld and Dystopian Wars on the workbench

Here’s a quick mid-week post of the stuff that’s recently arrived and is still sitting waiting for either undercoating or assembly on my workbench:

Britannians and Antarcticans

Here are the December-January releases for the Britannians and Antarcticans for Dystopian Wars – large flyers, gunships, and corvettes for both, alongside tiny flyers and orbs for the Antarcticans.

Tanks for the tank god!

And here is my forgeworld stuff from a order I put in with a couple of mates – I got some BFG space marine destroyers and a Mars Alpha pattern leman russ to build and paint as a commissar tank (and as my 11th leman russ). The worst part is that since the kit comes with a full leman russ sprue, I now have a spare top hull and turret, which means all I have to bits order to get a 12th leman russ is a set of tracks and a lower hull…


Lazy Luke Paints: Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica

What we're going to end up with

As you might have noticed from all my previously painted stuff, nearly everything I paint uses washes – or more particularly, a single wash at the end. So, with that in mind, here’s my first step-by-step guide to painting something the Lazy Luke way, which basically involves flat coats and a wash near the end to tie it all together.

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Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Finished!

Fleet is done!

So here is my “finished” Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars – finished until the remaining and and new naval/air models are released at least (such as the naval version of the Callimachus Orb, the sky fortress and large flyer, corvettes, and gunships…).

Anyway, I’ll talk about some selected pictures, and the rest will be in the gallery. All these models are great fun to paint because of the little details – drybrushing and washing work so effectively on these! I’ll post up a step-by-step later once I finish my third Icarus flyer (which I bought off Winter, because the pack comes with two and they come in squadrons of three, so he had one spare after buying two packs of them). I guess I’m not technically finished with them just yet after all…

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Magnetised Dystopian Wars Coventant of Antarctica Battleship

Battleship of Webcams

So although I had finished painting my fleet, I finally ordered in some magnets to attach the flyers to their flying stands. While I was at it, I magnetised the battleship as well following Winter’s walkthough here, to stop the top part from falling off during gameplay. Continue reading

Dystopian Wars – Review (the game, my first battle, and starter fleets for CoA and EotBS)

All lined up and ready to go

I had my first game of Dystopian Wars last weekend (after ANUCON2011), with my Covenant of Antarctica versus my friend’s Empire of the Blazing Sun. I did take some photos of our deployment, but got so caught up in the game that I completely forgot to take any pictures during the game, oops!

Anyway, you get my thoughts about the game (and effectiveness of some of the ships in the CoA and EotBS starter boxes) interspersed with photos of our setup…

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Bonus Update: Covenant of Antarctica Test Model / Workbench

Just keep cruisin'

Bonus update (the regular mid-week update/rant will be up later today): I’ve painted up one of the Covenant of Antarctica models in my test scheme above – so I’m currently doing the rest of the fleet as well (I’m on holidays at the moment, so I have time to paint!).

As this weekend is ANUCON, and so the “weekend” post will be on Monday and will be pictures from the tournament, here’s what else I’m working on:

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Dystopian Wars – Covenant of Antarctica Battle Fleet Model Review

Sailing away...

So my Covenant of Antarctica Battle Fleet box arrived from Maelstrom Games on Friday! I first saw Dystopian Wars at our wargaming club, being played by a couple of my friends (one of which has a blog). The ship models looked cool, and the game looked interesting, so I splurged a bit and bought the Covenant of Antartica Battle Fleet – I liked the look of these guys and the Empire of the Rising Sun the most, but one of my friends already has EotRS so Antarctica it was!

Anyway, I haven’t actually played the game yet, so this is just a review of the CoA ships that come in their battle fleet box.

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