Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup



So here’s my finished Imperial Guard Armoured Battlegroup – 1850pts in 13 tanks (well, 12 tanks and a sentinel) and one infantry model.

I took this list to ACT masters last month, and did rather poorly (2nd last out of 14, with 3 major losses, 1 minor loss, and 1 draw), only coming out ahead of my friend who also brought an armoured battlegroup (and who also got joint best sport, so congrats to him!). However, being able to throw 12 tanks at people was fun 😀

Gallery of some more shots below.

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Battlefleet Gothic Chaos – is this the quickest project I’ve ever finished?

That was quick...

That was quick…

So, I suspect this is the quickest that I’ve ever managed to finish a project from purchasing it to having it all painted up and ready to play. My new Battlefleet Gothic Chaos fleet arrived just over two weeks ago, and in the space of two Sunday gaming nights at the ANU Wargaming Society I managed to assemble and then paint them up (I did undercoat them in the time between though).

So, with the fleet done, here’s some pictures:

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Adeptus Mechanicus CSM


Bigger gallery upload today – I actually managed to take a few photos of some of my recently completed miniatures, but I found these photos that I still hadn’t uploaded yet. Here is my 5th ed Adeptus Mechanicus (using the Chaos Space Marines codex) – I figured I’d post these before I get stuck into my revamp of these guys to update them to the new 6th ed CSM codex.

Some of these miniatures will be changing for the 6th ed codex – most notably the lesser-deamon zombie servitors will be getting firearms to make them cultists, and as I won’t be running a terminator lord anymore he’ll be changed into a normal terminator (so that the heavy flamer is a legal choice, since you need a squad of 5 terminators for it now).

My favourite miniatures in this army tho are by far the obliterators:

Obliterators – festooned with guns!

Click the link for the full gallery:

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Deathwatch Space Marine Army

Deathwatch Leaders

I’ve finally given these guys a touch up, and minus their final protective varnish coat I’m happy to call this army finished (finally!). These are my deathwatch space marines – played using the Space Marine codex, the army consists of:

  • Pedro Kantor
  • Librarian
  • 25 Sternguard (2×10 with meltagun, heavy flamer, powerfist, 1×5 with 2 heavy bolters)
  • 2×5 Scouts with sniper rifles and missile launcher (obligatory troops choices, as Inquisitorial troops)
  • 5 Scout bikers (as more Inquisitorial troops)

I’ve included a gallery of the entire army (generally front/side shots of everything), but here’s some comments as well:

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Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Finished!

Fleet is done!

So here is my “finished” Covenant of Antarctica fleet for Dystopian Wars – finished until the remaining and and new naval/air models are released at least (such as the naval version of the Callimachus Orb, the sky fortress and large flyer, corvettes, and gunships…).

Anyway, I’ll talk about some selected pictures, and the rest will be in the gallery. All these models are great fun to paint because of the little details – drybrushing and washing work so effectively on these! I’ll post up a step-by-step later once I finish my third Icarus flyer (which I bought off Winter, because the pack comes with two and they come in squadrons of three, so he had one spare after buying two packs of them). I guess I’m not technically finished with them just yet after all…

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