Miniatures for Exalted: Kai the Dawn Caste Solar

Big man with a big sword

Except for this guy, I haven’t done much other painting and modelling this week (I put together a few commissars I bought of Ebay as well). I literally just painted his base, hence why it’s still a bit wet in the photos, and I haven’t given him a varnish coat yet.

Regardless, this miniature is for my friend’s character in the Exalted campaign I’m currently playing in – he’s been using a rather weedy fighter miniature which doesn’t really suit his big and tough Dawn Caste character, so I bought the bits off ebay to build him a new one.

Cloak and Sword

The miniature is a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos warrior, with an empire militia head (one of my favourite heads ever) and a sword blade taken from a Chaos knight lance. I removed his second hand weapon from his left hand and left it empty.

The paint scheme is gold, roughly highlighted and washed with a light brown, mid and dark browns for leather and the cloak respectively, again roughly highlighted and washed with dark brown, and his hair and the cloak fur are black drybrushed through brown to white and then black washed.