Much Belated Post: Progress!

So, I haven’t posted in over a month now – sorry about that, I’ve been doing some hobby stuff but a) I’ve been going through a series of rewrites and revisions for my PhD thesis and b) I haven’t been able to find any time while the weather’s been sunny enough to take decent photos (I use natural light, since I don’t have a propper lighting rig and my camera flash is atrocious).

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve completed over the past month:

I’ll post some workbench shots during this week so you can see what I’ve still got cooking (mostly, a whole bunch of Napoleonics). I’ll also get around to posting the last couple of galleries from the Istvann III Campaign as well…

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos – is this the quickest project I’ve ever finished?

That was quick...

That was quick…

So, I suspect this is the quickest that I’ve ever managed to finish a project from purchasing it to having it all painted up and ready to play. My new Battlefleet Gothic Chaos fleet arrived just over two weeks ago, and in the space of two Sunday gaming nights at the ANU Wargaming Society I managed to assemble and then paint them up (I did undercoat them in the time between though).

So, with the fleet done, here’s some pictures:

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Yet Another Project: Battlefleet Gothic Chaos

Even More BFG

Even More BFG

To add to my current projects, I’ve also bought a 1500pt Chaos fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. Oh, and a third battleship for my Imperials. I should really stop buying stuff, although with the exception of the new Napoleonic British project I’m still sticking to my “no buying stuff that doesn’t fit in my existing figure cases” rule.

Just because my existing figure cases just happen to still have a lot of space free…

So my current projects are:

  • Paint CSM Adeptus Mechanicus Cultists (14 infantry)), Terminator, and Warpsmith
  • Convert, assemble, and paint CSM AdMech Heldrake
  • Assemble and paint Napoleonic British (40 infantry)
  • Paint remaining Infinity models (4 infantry, 2 remotes)
  • Assemble and paint Chaos BFG fleet (6 cruisers, 1 battleship)
  • Assemble and paint Imperial BFG battleship and light cruiser

I guess I have a lot of work to do!

BFG Space Marines

More Battlefleet Gothic

So, another short weekend post – I’ve done quite a bit of stuff, I just keep forgetting to actually take photos of all of it.

Lots of escorts

So here’s the Space Marine component of my BFG fleet – it’s mostly escorts, primarily because I ordered three hunter destroyers from Forgeworld and got three sprues of three (nine total) instead…

The lone Strike Criser

I only own the one Strike Cruiser, mainly because a) I hardly ever play BFG, b) when I do play I play Imperial Navy, and c) they’re really expensive price-wise.

A Fleet of Space Marines

That’s all for this weekend – no promises this time around since I know how bad I’ve been at keeping them, but I’ll try to have photos of my new stuff soon!

More Adeptus Mechanicus – this time BFG

Crusin’ along

Quick mid-week post (yeah, I’m trying to get back into the rhythm, don’t know how long it’s going to last…) – here are some AdMech Battlefleet Gothic cruisers.

I really like these models, although I did swap the ventral fin and the bridge sections at the back with each other (so now they have dorsal fins and ventral bridges) after comments from my friends, since the dinky bridge sections are a bit too dinky and small.

Tyrant and Gothic cruisers, Mars battlecruiser

I’ve used the actual AdMech rules for them precisely once, where they whalloped an opposing Imperial fleet without any issues (AdMech bonuses are ridiculous for only +30 points per cruiser, or about +15% overall points cost), so if I ever use them again they’ll just be standard Imperial cruisers instead.

Still, I like the models, and that’s generally the main reason why I collect miniatures – the games are a nice bonus but they’re not the main reason I enjoy the hobby.

I’ll update again on the weekend!