I’m not dead – ANUCON trophies!

Some assembly may be required.

Pile of MDF

Pile of MDF

So I’m not dead yet – sorry I haven’t posted anything since… wow, January. I’ve since joined the full-time workforce and have suddenly found myself without much time or inclination to do painting or modelling.

Here’s what I’ve actually painted in the last six months, ranging from the historial:

More british napoleonics... still lots more to go.

More british napoleonics… still lots more to go.

To the sci-fi:

Four more infinity nomads

Four more infinity nomads

I keep wanting to buy new stuff, but since I’ve only finished twelve models since the last batch of stuff I bought I figured I’d better not.

And then this came out:

Operation Icestorm From www.infinitythegame.com

Operation Icestorm
From www.infinitythegame.com

And I couldn’t resist.

Pretty, pretty, models. From www.infinitythegame.com

Pretty, pretty, models.
From www.infinitythegame.com

At least it’s a preorder and won’t be actually released for another month or two – so I have some time to finish another two to four models, at this rate.


Photos from ANUCON2013

Sammael the Grotslayer (previously known as Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing)

Sammael the Grotslayer (previously known as Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing)

Here are some photos from ANUCON2013 which was held last weekend! Sorry there aren’t as many compared to previous years – I forgot my proper camera on both days (silly me!) and had to make do with my phone’s camera, which was less than ideal.

I took about twice as many photos as there are in this gallery, but the others were all either horribly out of focus, horribly washed-out or under-exposed, making them practically useless. Apologies to anyone’s army who doesn’t appear here – I did take pictures of nearly everyone’s stuff but the quality of my photos left a lot to be desired.

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ANUCON2012 Trophies!

Trophies x3

So, that mystery project that I never really posted about after I showed all the parts? Yeah, they’re trophies for ANUCON2012!

The tournament is less than three weeks away (on the 13-14 of October), and I’ve received 25 registrations so far – 4 more, and this year’s ANUCON will be the biggest ever. (yay!)

Blatant advertising that is a bit pointless since I’m fairly sure most people who read my blog are my friends who already know about the tournament:

Player’s pack: http://lnh.id.au/files/ANUCON2012PlayersPack.pdf

Date: 13-14th October 2012, 8:30am to 5:30pm each day
Venue: Moran G007/8/9/10, Building 26, ANU, Canberra
Details: 1500pt Warhammer 40k, 3 rounds per day, BBQ lunch included both days
Cost: $40 ($35 for early payments received by Sunday 30th September)

With three weeks to go, I’m confident I’ll get at least a few more people to make it the biggest ANUCON held so far.


In more normal news, sorry for the lack of post over the last week – finding out at the last minute that I was needed to tutor a week-long intensive course means that what little free time I had was spent sleeping. Gah.

Photos from ANUCON2011

Trophy for Best Sport

ANUCON2011 was run last weekend and it was a blast! 26 people all had a blast, and here are my promised photos from the tournament! Sorry I didn’t post it up yesterday like I originally promised, but I was pretty dead from a weekend full of gaming.

Since there’s quite a few, I’ve just dumped them into a gallery post, instead of having a series of images and comments. There were a lot of well-painted and well-presented armies, and a lot of fun was had by all!

Read more for the whole gallery of 131 photos – there’s a couple of photos of the same thing, since I kept snapping throughout the weekend, so I caught a couple of things more than once.

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Running a Tournament: ANUCON2011 Part 4 – Food!

I’ve run out of pictures to put up from my friend’s photo album, so here are some random ones of mine (which you may have seen before already, sorry)

Just a note, although not ideal walk-ins are allowed and welcome for the tournament I’m running this weekend – so if you’re in Canberra and feel like a weekend of 1500pt 40k, feel free to drop in and register on the day! The main details are in the flyer above, and the player’s pack is here – although email me if you can, so I can buy enough food and drink for everyone! Note: all armies are subject to approval, as ANUCON2011 is aimed at being a “friendly” tournament.

So, continuing my series on running a tournament, here’s a final post before the tournament goes ahead this weekend! I promise to take heaps of photos on the weekend and have a massive gallery post next Monday – slightly delayed, since I’ll obviously be busy all weekend!

Anyway, this post will be on the one thing which makes ANU Wargaming Society tournaments special: FREE FOOD.

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Running a Tournament: ANUCON2011 part 3 – Advertising

All photos from http://www.alvin.teh.net.au/photography/

So, a bit later than I hoped, but here (finally) is the part 3 of my rants about running ANUCON2011, following on from parts 1 and 2 from a few weeks ago.

This week, I’ll be blathering on about advertising for a tournament – this won’t be very long, because it’ll really be a list of places where I’ve advertised ANUCON…

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ANUCON2011: Sponsor Change

I’m posting this since I’ve done my little miniseries on running a tournament (part 1 and 2 so far), and it’s relevant.

Basically, I was originally going to go with one sponsor (Black Cultist) and now have switched because I got a better deal from another store (Mind Games). Here’s the post I put up on the ANU Wargaming Society forums:

It has come to my attention that Black Cultist has placed in their newsletter a comment regarding the fact that we have chosen to go elsewhere for prize support for ANUCON2011 this coming September:

From the Black Cultist newsletter:

“ANUCON has been confirmed for the 24th & 25th of September, the players pack can be found HERE. We won’t be there this year as they have elected to go elsewhere for their prize support, possibly because I objected to them using a good chunk of the entry fees to fund their club rather then provide prize support to the players, or maybe just because they got a better deal.”

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Running a Tournament: ANUCON2011 part 2 – Players Pack


Photos from http://www.alvin.teh.net.au/photography

ANUCON2011 Players Pack

Okay, so here’s part 2, following on from last week’s mid week post, where I rant about the Player’s Pack – probably the thing which gives me the most headaches after advertising.

Why do I find the Player’s Pack so annoying to put together? Well, it’s because of the sheer number of things that should be in it… Continue reading