Much Belated Post: Progress!

So, I haven’t posted in over a month now – sorry about that, I’ve been doing some hobby stuff but a) I’ve been going through a series of rewrites and revisions for my PhD thesis and b) I haven’t been able to find any time while the weather’s been sunny enough to take decent photos (I use natural light, since I don’t have a propper lighting rig and my camera flash is atrocious).

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve completed over the past month:

I’ll post some workbench shots during this week so you can see what I’ve still got cooking (mostly, a whole bunch of Napoleonics). I’ll also get around to posting the last couple of galleries from the Istvann III Campaign as well…

2^7 posts: binary milestones with an AdMech character

AdMech Lord counts in binary

AdMech Lord counts in binary

So, since I just sped past my 100th post (which by my count – wordpress doesn’t actually give posts sequential numbers – is one of the “dreamhost is broken and slow ones!), here’s a celebration of the 2^7th post (128th, for my readers and friends who aren’t computer science nerds)! Conveniently, I’ve just finished my revamp of my Adeptus Mechanicus Lord, who under the newest Chaos Space Marines codex is a Warpsmith.

Mechadendrites, melta and flamer

Mechadendrites, melta and flamer

I’ve also finished rebuilding the old terminator lord as just another terminator, with combi-plasma and chainfist.



This is so that the 5-man terminator squad with heavy flamer is actually game legal, even if I don’t think I’ll be fielding them anytime soon.

And that’s my (meagre) progress on this milestone post – my Victrix napoleonics arrived during the week so I’ll be posting up a review of them and the Perry equivalents soon (probably next weekend).

Recently Completed Things

Stuff's been done!

Stuff’s been done!

Sorry about missing my weekend post – my local club (the ANU Wargaming Society) ran a whole-day event on Sunday, which involved a lot of games and two BBQs. So, here’s a post about the things I’ve finished recently (although a lot of this stuff has been done for a while – it’s just only now that I’ve gotten around to giving them all a coat of matt varnish).

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On the Workbench: AdMech CSM Cultists and Heldrake

AdMech Cultists

I built these before Christmas and haven’t done any work on them since, but here are my newest additions to my AdMech Cultists.

I had 18 lesser deamons in my old AdMech CSM list, but now that deamons are allies only I’ve changed them to be cultists. I built some extra guys with flamers, autoguns, and a heavy stubber. The cultists with the vox backpacks are the leaders, just so I can actually pick them out on the tabletop.

Leaders and Flamers

They’re built from Warhammer Fantasy zombie legs, bodies, and (where they exist) arms, with Imperial Guard Cadian flamers, autoguns (converted from lasguns by adding plasticard barrels), heavy stubber, and vox backpacks. The heads are Pig Iron rebel heads (hooded and unhooded).


I’m also working on what currently looks like a cuttlefish but is in fact a heldrake. I’m (very painstakingly) removing most of the filigree and spikes on the wings and body, to give it a cleaner appearance as befits an AdMech arcane combat engine (similar to what I did with my defiler). I still haven’t worked out exactly what I’m going to do with the head – current ideas are either to leave it as the dragon head or graft a servitor or techpriest onto the hull instead of the head and neck.

Once I finish modifying all the wings and everything, I’ll do a couple of mock ups to see what people think. Any other suggestions are welcome!

More Adeptus Mechanicus – this time BFG

Crusin’ along

Quick mid-week post (yeah, I’m trying to get back into the rhythm, don’t know how long it’s going to last…) – here are some AdMech Battlefleet Gothic cruisers.

I really like these models, although I did swap the ventral fin and the bridge sections at the back with each other (so now they have dorsal fins and ventral bridges) after comments from my friends, since the dinky bridge sections are a bit too dinky and small.

Tyrant and Gothic cruisers, Mars battlecruiser

I’ve used the actual AdMech rules for them precisely once, where they whalloped an opposing Imperial fleet without any issues (AdMech bonuses are ridiculous for only +30 points per cruiser, or about +15% overall points cost), so if I ever use them again they’ll just be standard Imperial cruisers instead.

Still, I like the models, and that’s generally the main reason why I collect miniatures – the games are a nice bonus but they’re not the main reason I enjoy the hobby.

I’ll update again on the weekend!

Adeptus Mechanicus CSM


Bigger gallery upload today – I actually managed to take a few photos of some of my recently completed miniatures, but I found these photos that I still hadn’t uploaded yet. Here is my 5th ed Adeptus Mechanicus (using the Chaos Space Marines codex) – I figured I’d post these before I get stuck into my revamp of these guys to update them to the new 6th ed CSM codex.

Some of these miniatures will be changing for the 6th ed codex – most notably the lesser-deamon zombie servitors will be getting firearms to make them cultists, and as I won’t be running a terminator lord anymore he’ll be changed into a normal terminator (so that the heavy flamer is a legal choice, since you need a squad of 5 terminators for it now).

My favourite miniatures in this army tho are by far the obliterators:

Obliterators – festooned with guns!

Click the link for the full gallery:

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On the workbench: Still the same stuff, plus Mechanicus Chaos Lords and Exalted character



So the workbench is as crowded as ever, since I haven’t gotten much painting done in the last month or so, but managed to put together all five chimeras from over a month ago.

I have managed to do three character conversions this weekend though, so at least that’s something! Now to paint them… Continue reading