Review: Victoria Lamb Shoulder Boards and Laser Rifles

Guns and Shoulderpads

A quick review of some bits I recently bought that just arrived from Victoria Lamb, who’s a very talented sculptor/painter who lives down here in Oz (and has won a few golden demons, if my memory serves me correctly). The direct link to her webstore is here:

Although she produces some very nice conversion bits and kits for Imperial Guard (most temptingly the Victorian Guard…) I managed to limit myself to only buying some shoulder boards from her ($5 postage for $10 or less of stuff, $10 for $10.01 to $100, above that free – I stayed in the <$10 range). By some, I mean 6 lots – they’re only $1.50 each sprue!


Here’s a close up – nicely sculpted, I could probably have given it a go myself but honestly why bother when I can just buy them like this! I’m planning on using these on some commissars in various states of disrepair I’ve got on the way from Ebay – some of them are missing some arms, so I’ll need these to make them match.

I bought six of them to get to $9, to get the most value for money I could for the shipping (without splurging). However, Victoria kindly gave me these extras (I’m guessing because postage across Australia for a padded envelope doesn’t actually cost the full $5):

Laser rifles

$2 for the 4 of them, they’re very nicely detailed laser rifles. I have no idea what I’ll do with these, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!

Overall: 5/5

No further comments really, these are great products at very reasonable prices and with very fast service.

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