Terrain: Test Paint Scheme for Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

This is a house that Luke built

Quick weekend post this time around (to make up for the spam of posts from two weeks ago, I guess). I’ve slopped some paint on one of the houses I’ve built for my local gaming club, and would like some feedback before I paint up the rest.

It’s a quick watered-down artists’s acrylic paint job – beige for the walls, light brown for the roof, darker brown for the wooden bits. It’ s not perfectly neat, but it does the job – I’ll probably have to go back and fix up some spots later.


The base is just a earthy brown at the moment, but I’m probably going to change that to a dark green as soon as I buy some.

Thoughts? Comments? What colours should the tiled roofs on the other buildings be?

2 thoughts on “Terrain: Test Paint Scheme for Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

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