Scratchbuilding Terrain: Warhammer Fantasy Buildings

Little boxes on the hillside

So I’ve been building some… buildings… for my local gaming club out of foam, balsa wood, cardboard, and paddlepop sticks. Here are the results so far:

The first one

Here’s the first one I built – you can see how rough it is and how many extra balsa wood braces are on it to cover up some gaps. Also, I plaster-filled this one after I did the balsa wood bits, hence why there’s plaster filler stuck everywhere.

Shingles are a pain. But they do look great.

I’m particularly proud of the shingle roof – it’s a bit of a pain to do (each shingle is a separate piece of cardboard), but the finished result does look very nice.

The second

Here’s the second one I built – simpler paddlepop stick roof this time.

Just don’t look at the end walls…

The end walls on this one (which I’ve coincidentally put mostly out of shot in these photos…) are the roughest, since I only roughly patched these holes with cardboard bits and extra balsa wood rather than doing a proper foam end cap.

Finally, the big one

Here’s the biggest one I’ve finished – size dictated by a desire to use paddlepop sticks as the roofing material, and even then I ended up with quite a large overhang. It’s the nicest finished one though, since I learnt from the first two and plaster filled before I stuck the balsa wood on which made things a lot easier.

Foam core

Here’s one in progress – a simple foam box with foam triangles to hold the roof up. It’s all held together with toothpicks and PVA glue.

Little boxes on the hillside

So here are the three I’ve finished so far – you’ll note I added a little tiled portch to the one in the middle. I’ve sort of gone a bit crazy though…

… and some more.

… and made two more so far, and man there’s a lot of tiles on these two. No in progress pics I’m afraid – I sort of just sat down this morning and powered through up to this stage (they’ve just got doors and windows left to do now).

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