Terrain Review: Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods


Third post in three days!

To replace our somewhat aged and shedding trees which have stood us well for a few years at the ANU Wargaming Society, we splurged on these Battlefield in a Box Summer Woods from Gale Force 9 (link to their store) – pictured above are one large and one small, we got two of each giving us a lot of trees in total.

Half of what we got

Ready to go out of the box (you can flock the bases – we’re probably not going to bother since flock sheds horribly and sucks for club terrain), even one box gives you enough for a Warhammer Fantasy table, but the different sized trees provide some variation.

Bob and Fred plag tag through the trees

Here we see Bob the Imperial Fist and Fred the Imperial guardsman giving some idea of scale – these small trees are maybe a bit small for 40k/Fantasy but they work, the big ones are BIG though (there’s two big ones in the back on the same base there – half the height since they’re not totally in shot).

Durability wise – I think they’re not going to shed nearly as much as our current club-made trees (plastic armatures with clumps of… flock? foam? on them), but we’ll have to keep them stored in the plastic trays they came with so they don’t get squished. The separate bases and stands will be nice for gaming since you can just move the trees out of the way if they become an issue.

Overall: 4/5

They look good, they’re reasonably priced ($46 for a box, -20% from Mind Games Canberra due to sales at Wintercon), and they work for gaming. I’m not giving them 5/5 just yet as I’m waiting to see how well they hold up to club gaming, but I have high hopes (although they can’t do much worse than our current lot of trees).

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