Infinity: Alguacile test model done!

Test model done!

I’ve finished my Alguacile test model for my fledgling Infinity force – as much as I really like these models and really like all of the detail, getting used to painting something using actual layers rather than just basecoat-and-wash like I normally do is proving somewhat difficult.

Still, I’ve made progress!

I switched out my original metallic gun barrel for a black with very dark grey highlights instead, to keep the “futuristic” feel of the Infinity universe. The bases are done in a white/grey/black scheme to avoid drawing attention away from the bright models.

More miniatures...

I bought a couple of extra bases to finish off the other Infinity miniatures I bought before, from left to right: Interventor 2 (which I’ll be using as a Clockmaker engineer), Prowler w/ Adhesive Launcher (glue gun!), Sin Eater w/ HMG, Mobile Brigada heavy infantry, and the second Zondbot.

Here’s the gallery for bigger shots of my finished Alguacile:

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