In Progress: Painting Infinity with new GW paints

A start on Infinity

I’ve done some progress on my Infinity minatures in the last week – base colours on my test Alguacile, test yellow on my Morlocks, and the white and a few base colours on my Securitae/Daktari.

I’m using the new GW paints so I don’t have to worry about running out mid-project, so this is sort of a review of the new GW paints as well.

So, here we go on my progress:


Here’s my test Alguacile, which I’m going to finish to make sure my paint scheme works before I paint the rest of the miniatures. I’ve chosen red (like the “studio” nomad colour scheme here) as the common colour across my army.

Guns are going to be a dark black/blue, pouches and non-armoured boots in brown, and for the Alguacile line troops armour in purple. Everything except for the red is only at a basecoat stage at the moment.

Lots of detail

The red is completely finished, using the GW blood angels recipe. The recipe works well, although I’m not sure of the value of the original base coat when I’m doing it over white – I could probably have gone layer-wash-layer-glaze rather than base-wash-layer-layer-glaze without changing the final look too much. Still, the glaze is great – it goes on more like a thinned paint rather than a wash and it really does tie all the layers back together very well.

More Morlock?

The yellow here will be used for any irregular troops as their extra colour (I plan to still do most of their clothing in red, to tie them in). This was done with a Cassandra Yellow wash over the white undercoat, a White Scar layer highlight, and then a Lamenters Yellow glaze over the top to bring the highlights back and brighten everything up.

Looks like shading

I really am liking the new GW paints – the bases aren’t quite as thick as the old foundations, which is a good thing since the old foundations didn’t water down very well. The layers are great – they’re not too thin out of the pot but they stay together after thinning with water, so you can pretty much thin to your hearts content and makes highlighting with them easy.


Finally, here’s my Securitate which I’m using as my Daktari (doctor). I’ve gone with the little-white-nurse’s outfit, with a red corset and (will have) red armoured bits on her boots. The white went on amazingly simply – black Nuln Oil wash over the white basecoat, and then two layers of thinned White Scar layer brought it back to a very solid white colour which was what I was after.

Easy-to-paint White!

Now that I’ve tried the layers and glazes, I can finally say (after my previous mini-reviews) that I really like the new paints. I haven’t tried all the colours – and it does look like to me they might have gone a little overboard on some shades – but the paints are very good.

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