Infinity with Micro Art Studios Bases

Nomads Starter Box (scan of mine)

So with the recent start-up of Infinity at the ANU Wargaming Society, I’ve splurged a bit and bought a bunch of the models from Combat Company.

I’m starting up Nomads, the space-roaming anti-AI anti-macroeconomic-empire faction which lives on three gigantic spaceships. Mostly because a) I like their fluff b) I like most of their models and c) it was one of the factions no one else had picked yet.

Intruder, Interventor, Alguaciles

 I got a bit ahead of myself this week by sticking them together and undercoating them, so you only get pics of them ready for me to start painting. Here I’ve got my Intruder (camo-ed multi-spectral visor-ed HMG wielding dude), Interventor (hacker), and 3 Alguaciles (line troops with combi-rifles).

Lots of detail

The models have heaps of tiny tiny details, and they’re “true 28mm” scale too which means they’re less “cartoony” than say Warhammer miniatures (although the styling may be very, very anime-esque at times).

I splurged and got some urban Micro Art Studios bases for these guys. The detail is nice, and I really liked this styling, but they’re a bit more pricy than either Dragon Forge Design or Back 2 Base-ix at $9 for 5 rather than the $10 for 10 or $8 for 10 that DFD or B2B offer. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any stylings I liked – clean, futuristic urban-styled bases – from DFD or B2B, so MAS it was (and since Infinity “armies” are comparatively tiny, the cost isn’t that much of an issue).

Securitae, Zondbot, Zero, Morlocks

Here’s another five models – Securitae (which I’m going to be using as a Daktari (doctor)), Zondbot (robotic helper), Zero (infiltrator) and 2xMorlocks (rabid gene-mod troops). I’m using the Securitae – normally a slightly better line trooper – as the doctor as I don’t like the standard nomad Daktari model, which is a cat girl. Complete with ears and a tail. I’m all for anime-esque, but some things are taking it a bit too far 😛

Did I say lots of detail?

The models are actually quite easy to put together, even though some of the parts are tiny (that aerial on the back of the Zondbot, for one), and there’s not much flashing or mould lines to remove. I really really like them, and I plan to actually put some effort into painting them (Layers! Eeek!) since I’m only going to painting 20 or so tops after I expand a bit (and fielding about 8 in a game at a time).

I have a couple more models, but stupidly didn’t buy the bases for them, so they’re currently sitting in their blister packs waiting for my second lot of infinity models and bases to come in (some remotes and a couple more elite troopers).

These will probably take me ages to paint, so expect quite a few “hey look I did ONE COLOUR on my infinity models this week!” posts, assuming I manage to make time to paint.

Infinity Models: 5/5

Reasonably priced (~$10 for a single metal, cheaper for multiples in a single blister), great detail, easy to put together, great sculpts – I really have no complaints here. Of course, I might be singing a different tune once I start painting because there’s too much detail, but that’ll be my fault for being a lazy painter.

Micro Art Studios Urban Bases: 3.5/5

Somewhere between a 3 and 4 – I can’t give them any higher than 4 because of their prices, but they are very nice bases. I’d probably stick to Dragon Forge Designs or Back 2 Base-ix for any larger projects just because of the price, and it’s really a pity that I couldn’t find anything I liked for my Infinity models from those two companies rather than MAS.

Coming Up:

Mid-week workbench post, and then I’ll hopefully have some progress to blog about by next weekend!

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