New GW Paints (again): Textures and Drybrush

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A couple of weeks ago right after the new GW paints came out I did a quick “review” of a few of them. I’ve since also tried out the drybrush paint on the textured bases I did, the results of which you can see here:


The Dry drybrush paints actually work very well – no need to waste lots of paint on a tissue or paper towel, dab your brush into the (very very thick paint), quick wipe to get rid of the excess (if you weren’t very careful with step 1), then off you go! I had a few false starts since I didn’t wipe and therefore got a bit too much paint on some bases in places, but overall the Dry paint looks like it does exactly what it should – be a great drybrush paint without much wastage at all.

I still haven’t tried the layer paints – I probably won’t have a chance to until I start my proper Infinity forces (where I’ll be actually spending time on each individual model and am going to give proper layering and highlighting and maybe even blending a go!), but the rest of the new GW paint line seems like a winner.

Apart from if you’re in the middle of a project and are annoyed that you can’t get that exact same colour now, of course. That always sucks.


Dry: Thumbs up from me!

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