On the workbench: progress on the undercoating front

Boring, eh?

As promised, a content post this weekend!

Here’s my workbench at the moment – I’ve managed to get a few things done, but right now I’m working on a bunch of 60mm bases for my Imperial Guard heavy weapons teams. I’ll come back to these later, but here’s what else is in the “to paint” pile…

DW: Large and Tiny Flyers

Here’s the box of (mostly) Dystopian Wars stuff – the skyfortresses and large flyers for both Covenant of Antarctica and Kingdom of Britannia, plus a whole stack of tiny flyers. Keen-eyed readers will spot the chaos dreadnoughts lurking in the background that I’ve had for months, waiting to be converted up for a friend.

BFG Space Marines

I’ve finally gotten some undercoating done, so here are the 9 Space Marine escorts I got from Forgeworld for BFG. These’ll be quick to do (drybrush blue, metal details, black wash) so they’ll be done right after I finish off all those bases.

Tanks for the Tank God

Likewise, I’ve finally undercoated the 5 leman russes which I’ve had assembed for ages. At this rate, I’ll get them done sometime next year…

Bases + Tiny Flyers

Here’s the stack of remaining 60mm bases that I’ve only undercoated (yes, that’s a separate stack from the ones on the workbench at the start of the post), along with the last few tiny flyers (separate because these are KoB ones which haven’t had the white done yet).

The Bases Again

And finally back to the bases I’m currently doing. That’s two IG armies worth (11 for the infantry Valhallans, 8 for the mixed Valhallans), with that stack of undercoated ones for the infantry Cadians (18 bases, IIRC). You’ll also note the chaos dreadnought arms again, plus the Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun frigates as well (at one point I was going to start a third Dystopian Wars fleet, but that’s postponed at least until I finish everything I currently own).

So, still lots to do, but there has been some progress! Getting closer to having everything done and painted… which means I’m getting closer to buying new stuff again. Hrm.

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