Terrain Review: Amera Plastics Trenches and Temple Ruin

All lined up

First proper update in three weeks!

I’ve finished all the Amera Plastics stuff I bought at CANCON earlier this year. It’s simply painted (spray black, drybush/wetbrush browns and greys), but since it’s terrain I don’t feel the need to do a top-notch job on it. The plastic itself is very sturdy and solid even though it’s vacu-formed stuff, so I don’t anticipate any problems with it standing up to the rigours of gameplay.

All alone…

The scale is pretty much perfect for 40k, with normal human-sized models being able to just peer over the top of the trench.

Lots of real estate

The trench sections themselves are quite big, but although they’re wide enough for two 25mm bases, they’re not big enough for the 60mm bases which is slightly annoying if you play Imperial Guard with heavy weapons teams…


The ruined temple is also a good piece of terrain, and even though it’s hollow underneath it actually can support a metal squad (although I wouldn’t trust it with a metal dreadnought or similarly heavy models).

All lined up

For $45 all up, these cover quite a fair chunk of battlefield, so I think they’re worth it.I’ll give Amera Plastics the tick of approval, if you’re looking for quick and easy terrain. The detailing isn’t great (since it’s vacu-formed) and the edges aren’t sharp, but if you’re just looking for cheap stuff to fill out a table it works great!

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