Two missed posts in a row: update and new GW paints?


So, I’ve managed to not post anything for two weeks in a row, which doesn’t bode well for my ongoing blogging (in my defence, I’m now writing up my PhD – so most of my writing effort goes into the much more important PhD rather than this comparatively unimportant blog). However, I have managed to do a little bit of painting in the past week – I’ve finished the Amera Plastics terrain which I bought at CANCON, but I haven’t managed to take any photos of them yet. I won’t promise anything this time around though (I dislike breaking promises), so there may or may not be photos up soon.

In other news, GW is releasing their new paint range in just under two weeks:


That’s a lot of paint – 145 (well, technically there’s 141 paints plus undercoat, hardcoat, liquid green stuff, and paint medium) in total.

They *seem* to have all the old paints (see the GW old-to-new paint conversion chart here), but since the compositions are changing from foundation-standard-wash to base-shade-layer-dry-glaze-texture, the painting methods will probably have to change even if the colours are the same (which they won’t be exactly, of course).

Blood Of Kittens has a nice new paint impressions post up, and according to them the layer paints are really layer paints and don’t cover as well as some of the old standard paints did, which means my lazy painting method will have to change if I want to use any of the (rather impressive) layer range as base colours now. Perhaps this means I’ll stop being lazy and start actually painting properly rather than just washing entire models and calling it a day..

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