Random Warhammer!

So, since I have no time to actually take any photos (so there goes my planned first board game post), you get a miscellaneous collection of teaser pics of other models in my collection. Above is a wraithlord – I’ve had this model for ages, and only finally got around to painting him very recently.

Here’s a farseer who goes with the Wraithlord – these two were part of a half-hearted attempt at starting an eldar army, until I realised I didn’t particularly want to actually play them. So, instead, I have a couple of nice models which I love from the range. More pics of these two, along with the Wraithguard I have and a warlock, will probably make their own post in the future (once I actually take pictures of them all!)

Here’s some Death Korps of Krieg – actually the only models I own of the range. Again, I bought these because I love the models – they’re full of detail (even if I lost the extra shoulder pads and used the backpacks elsewhere), and the autocannons are cool with their drum mags.

These were painted using washes over a drybrushed grey/white over a black undercoat – an experiment, which mostly works (although I’m not keen on the red/pink, but I’m not sure how to fix it). Snow bases rather than my usual urban, so they pop a little rather than being completely greys and browns.

Here are some Chaos Knights – again, bought because I love the models. The Slaanesh purple was again an experiment with washes – this time over a metal undercoat. The gold provides lots of contrast, and their pink/red tinged weapons are appropriately Slaaneshi. I don’t own anything else for Chaos Mortals, but they’d be the army I’d collect next for Fantasy if I were to collect another one.

And finally some Bretonnians! These are my first and currently only Warhammer Fantasy army – done in an abnormal paint scheme of off-white (Deneb Stone) and purple (Leviathan Purple), because I wanted them to look like an army instead of the random collection of circus colours the GW Bretonnians look like, and because I wanted something different than the white/red or white/black colour schemes I’ve also seen them done in. I’ve got a full army of these, but no other pics at the moment.

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