On the workbench: Yet Another Tank

The 11th Leman Russ

Not much modelling over the past week-and-a-bit, half due to actually getting some work done on my PhD (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, because I tend not to), and half because ME3 just came out so I’ve just madly finished it over the (luckily) long weekend. I’m not very happy with the ending (like a lot of teh interwebz it seems) but since that’s not the focus of this blog, onto the modelling!

I’ve put together the Mars Alpha pattern Leman Russ I got recently from forgeworld, complete with magnetising the sponsons and hull weapon (similar way I’ve done for my three Demolisher/Executioner/Punisher variants). Not much interesting, but then again I haven’t done much over the past week to show off!

Slightly Bigger

I really like the Mars Alpha hull – it makes the Russ look a little less “cartoony” (although the turret is still way too small). And I caved and bits ordered the track and hull pieces for a 12th leman russ (since I had a spare normal turret from the forgeworld kit) which arrived today, so I now have 12 leman russes. Added to the thunderer I built ages ago, that makes 13 russ hulls, which is enough.

For now.

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