Magnetising a Leman Russ

All loaded up and ready to roll

So for a while now I’ve had three leman russes sitting in my “to undercoat” box. What makes them special (apart from the three month wait for paint) is that they’re fully magnetised – both sponsons and all the guns. Although this has been done by many other people before me, I haven’t done anything new this past week and I haven’t taken any new photos of my old finished stuff, so instead you get a quick rundown on how I magnetised my russes.

My tank fell apart!

First up, here are all the parts – guns & sponsons are all removable as you can see here.

Turret Guns

Since I forgot to take in-progress shots, I’ll just have to describe the magnets I used and where they go for a lot of these. The turret itself has a 3mm square magnet in it, as does the executioner plasmacannon and the demolisher cannon (not pictured). On the punisher cannon, you can see the 3mm x 2mm round magnet I used there.

Yes, there really are magnets in there.

Just to show there really are magnets, here’s a pic with extra magnets stuck on the outside (not using glue!)

Also magnetised.

Since sometimes I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I also magnetised the turret bustle cover so I can switch it between the normal ammo bins and the plasma one. Note the plasticard spacers to get the magnets a bit closer to each other, for added strength.


The sponsons are removable, and are held on by two 3mm square magnets. These were a bit of a pain to glue in – hence the copious amount of superglue – and because of the detailing on the russ sides they have to be inset a little bit from the edge, otherwise the sponsons don’t sit flush on the tank.

Hidden in the track units...

Here’s a shot of the two matching magnets on the inside of the track unit to hold the sponsons on. The easiest way to do this is to get your sponson magnets glued and in place, and have the side of the track unit not glued to anything. Then, put the sponson on the track unit in the right place, and the track unit magnets will stick to the right spots on the track unit to match up with your sponson magnets. Add glue, and perfect magnet placement!

Lots of guns

Finally, the sponson and hull guns themselves are magnetised as well. One 3mm square magnet on the back of the gun mount, and a single 2mm x 1mm disc magnet in each gun (into a drilled hold so they don’t stick out), and it’s enough for the guns not to fall out without effort.

Lascannons everywhere!

Some builds which are possible using magnets but aren’t game legal unfortunately: 3x Lascannons and a demolisher cannon (I’d have put a vanquisher turret on it for the ultimate tank-hunter but I don’t own one, since currently the rules for it kind of suck).

Plasma Tank o'Doom

And my favourite, the ultimate plasma tank of doom, which if it existed in-game could fire 6 plasma templates a turn. Ouch.

MOAR DAKKA (this one's legal in-game)

So, I think it’s pretty simple to magnetise stuff. If you use slightly stronger magnets, the russ doesn’t even need drilling or cutting to accomodate magnets except on the guns. I don’t know how often I’ll be switching loadouts, but since the new boxed sets come with so many extra parts it’s a shame not to use all those options.

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