Not Just Papercraft Anymore: Chickenhawk gets detailing

So here’s the latest update for the Chickenhawk Gunship:

Armed and Armoured

As you can see it’s progressed quite a bit, with quite a bit of detailing and most of the guns added.

I’ve used Liquid Green Stuff to provide a smooth finish to each of the panels, hence the green. It’s very solid – I’ve already dropped it once and it survived fine, although the putty work did get a dent in it, so it should handle gameplay rigours fine.

I settled on the as-Marauder-Destroyer armament, which makes it very overarmed but as an Inquisitorial gunship, I don’t have a problem with it.

6 Barrels of Dakka

Front-mounted six autocannons! These are Imperial Guard Leman Russ Exterminator autocannons, mounted onto little plasticard boxes.

All-round defence

This you might recognise as the turret from the Stormraven – as much as I don’t like how the turret looks on the (much) smaller Stormraven, I think it works fine on the big dropship. The windows are plasticard as it came with the wrong clear plastic canopy from the bitz reseller I ordered it from on Ebay. Scratchbuilding the panels was a bit of a pain, but since I’m planning on painting the windows black with a bit of blue highlighting it doesn’t matter anyway.

The turret is mounted on the regular Stormraven top part. The heavy bolters are the back part of the regular Stormraven assault cannons married to heavy bolters which I think come from the Baneblade kit. I relocated the ammo boxes from the back to the side so that the guns can swivel to point straight up.

AssCans indeed.

And at the back, twin-linked assault cannons. These are built from the vulcan mega bolter from the Shadowsword kit (I forget what the variant is called – Stormlord?), plastic cards and tubes for the mounts, and predator sponson heavy bolter bits plus the left over assault cannons from the Stormraven turret.

No intake fans, so no re-enacting that scene from Firefly.

Finally, here’s the detailing I scratch-built for the engine intakes – just a simple grille made out of tiny bits of pasticard. Since there’s no fan, my Dark Heresy group (where this gunship will be used) can’t re-enact the scene from Firefly, but I’m sure they’ll think of something.

The rest is just various 40k and random terrain bits which I’ve stuck on for armour plating. I still have most of the bottom to build, hence why I haven’t shown it off yet – once I finish it off I’ll take some pictures before I start painting it.

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