Deathwatch RPG Character: Kestyr, Storm Wardens Apothecary

Kestyr, Storm Wardens Apothecary

Small mid-week update: I managed to put together and paint up my character for the Deathwatch campaign Winter is running for a few of us at the ANU Wargaming Society. He’s Kestyr, a Storm Wardens Apothecary. All-around pic and his background are after the jump:


All normal space marine parts except for the torso (which is a forgeworld MK6 Corvus armour one, matching his armour in-game), and the reductor which is made up of a chopped up chainsword and plastic tubing. The paintjob is simple and not very detailed – flat colours mostly, no washes (gasp!), to match the rest of my deathwatch miniatures.

Why doesn’t he have a propper Inquisitorial Deathwatch shoulder pad? Well, I didn’t have one, and I couldn’t find a decently-priced one to bits order (that part goes for $3-4 on ebay, before postage!), so I gave him the standard Corvus studded one and a banner/scroll thing for the Inquisitorial sigil instead. Not the most practical thing to have dangling from one’s pauldron, but then again he’s carrying a Scaris Claymore as a close combat weapon, so I doubt practicality comes into it much.

Kestyr’s background (based off the 6 questions from the Deathwatch rulebook):

What is your homeworld like?

Kestyr hails from the Storm Wardens homeworld of Sacris. He was a member of the Windy Hills tribe, which like most of the tribes on Sacris has a strong code of honour and a strong faith in the Judgemental Emperor.

What is your personality like? Kestyr has held on to his beliefs from his tribe and therefore is strongly faithful, but his training has anchored this in practicality and realism. Kestyr is
always willing to dive into the fray to assist a fellow battle-brother, and believes that provided sufficient effort is made, no task is insurmountable.

Why were you selected for the deathwatch?

Kestyr was selected for the deathwatch for two reasons: firstly, the deathwatch requested an apothecary from the Storm Wardens, and secondly that Kestyr was judged the most able and open-minded apothecary to be able to deal with the duties required in caring for battle-brothers from other chapters.

What does the deathwatch mean to you?

Kestyr resents the fact that his secondment to the deathwatch has taken him away from his solemn duties to his own battle-brothers. At present, he belives the deathwatch is but a distraction and the duties held by the deathwatch could be better accomplished by units of Adeptus Astartes from single chapters, where battle-brothers have worked together for years and are able to work in cohesive teams without problems. However, despite all this, as a Storm Warden Kestyr takes his new oath to the deathwatch seriously and he
recognises and respects the new responsibilities he carries to his new battlebrothers, even if they hail from different chapters.

What do you desire?

Kestyr wants to complete his service to the deathwatch without dishonor to his chapter, and return to service with his own battle-brothers. Kestyr personally wants to be held as dependable and steadfast – that whenever his battlebrothers call for aid, he will be there to lend it.

What do you hate?

Kestyr holds a particular hatred towards any who have turned away from the Imperium’s light. He believes those outside the Imperium merely deserve death, whereas heretics deserve punishment and pain.

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