Papercraft: Chickenhawk becomes a bit more solid

So, the papercraft Inquisitorial gunship/dropship I’m building is slowly taking shape! It’s now a gunship/dropship as I’ve decided on arming it the same as a Marauder Bomber (six nose-mounted autocannons, dorsal twin heavy bolter, rear twin assault cannons, missiles and bombs), which means it’s ever so slightly going to be too heavily armed to be just a dropship.

Green and White

As you can see, no more unsightly panel join lines, now replaced by unsightly scratches, dints, and green splotches! Um…

Smooth Engine

I’ve covered the whole thing – including those panel lines from the initial post – with a plaster-filler, and then filed down the surfaces. They’re still not that even, and the corners are banged up, but I’m planning on painting this up like it’s been thrown around a bit and been in a few fights (and bumped into a few things), so all these dents and scratches will get an appropriate paint job. Some of the GW parts I’ll be adding will get damage as well, but others will be newer retrofits to the old hull.

Liquid Green Stuff

Those green slotches are Liquid Green Stuff, which I’m finally giving a go after it came out a few months back. I tried to smooth out and fill in the worst bits of the hull with it, but I realised I should probably work out where all the extra bits are going first before I start trying to tidy up. The LGS is kind of working – it’s not good at filling in large, shallow dents, but it’s great at smoothing out smaller scratches and lines – but I’m not ready to give it the thumbs up just yet.


Here’s a mockup (they’re not glued on) of the detail I’m planning for the top of the dropship – the top of a stormraven, plus the top of a vindicator (I had this free from my thunderer conversion, which used the other old forgeworld vidicator parts). There’s also the stormraven rear ramp back there, which will go on the back of the dropship as the main access/cargo ramp.

I’m still not entirely sure what to do for the rear twin-assault cannon turret – it’ll probably end up being a remote rig attached to the little flat bit on the back, but I’ll show you some pictures once I come up with a mockup for it.

2 thoughts on “Papercraft: Chickenhawk becomes a bit more solid

  1. Awesome model!

    I have one of these I use for other sci-fi gaming, or just background scenery in 40k.
    One question: do you think the cardsock will be strudy enough once you get all the bits and filler on it?

    I had been thinking about making one out of plasticard, but had not tried yet..

    thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s actually fairly sturdy – the cardstock I’m using is 3mm so it holds together nicely. After coating the whole thing in a layer of filler the joins aren’t an issue either.

    There will be updates on the flyer soon – I’m getting through my backlog of the couple of things which I managed to do over the Christmas/New Year break first then I’ll be back posting on my current projects.

    Thanks for the comment Dave!

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