Last Chancers and other random Imperial Guard


Sorry about the lack of mid-week post this week – I’ve been sick and just didn’t get around to it.

You might have noticed the first-picture link now points to the post instead of the full-size version of the picture – I’m trying this out for now to improve naviation. However, it does mean I have to repost the first picture later on to give you the link to the big one, so I’m still not sure. (How many of you instinctively click on the picture to go to the rest of the article? How many of you don’t even read the rest of the article? How many of you use rss feeds instead and don’t even notice because you don’t see the front page of the blog?)

I’ve done a bit of painting and modelling, finishing off some more of my Britannians for Dystopian Wars, but I’ll leave more pictures of them for when I’m done with all of their stuff. So, this weekend, you get some pictures of random Imperial Guard models and the Last Chancers.

Schaeffer leads the charge!

Here are the last chancers – I bought these a couple of years ago on a whim, because I really really like the models. They’re not the best paint job – these were originally done before I knew what highlighting meant and before washes came out.

More penal legion

I’ve since updated them with the washes, but they’re still sub-standard paint jobs overall, but they do the job so I haven’t repainted them (plus, I’m lazy). These guys get used for Inquisitor and now Dark Heresy, along with all the other random 40k miniatures I own.

Lost in the Jungle

Here’s the four catachan miniatures I own – the “I’m not Vasquez” female catachan grenade launcher, the flamer dude who came with her, and two plastic catachans. These have better paint jobs because they’re newer, and again they get used for Inquisitor (particularly shotgun guy, because I don’t own very many shotgun-wielding models).

Lost in the City

Finally here are the catachan snipers which you saw at the top of the post – they’ve been somewhat converted into cityfight snipers (way back when Cityfight came out, Imperial Guard could take lone snipers, and these were the only non-ratling snipers which existed back then). They lost the leaves on their cloaks and gained some sleeves and hats.

These guys were so well camouflaged that I once played a game, placed all three on the board, and then forgot about them until five minutes after the game when we were packing up terrain. And all three were just standing on top of ruins – not even in buildings or anything!

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