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A long time ago I built a papercraft drop pod, way back before the plastic drop pod models came out. Since then, I’ve stayed away from papercraft, since a) there weren’t any models I really wanted to build that didn’t have actual miniatures and b) the lack of detail on papercraft models meant I didn’t really like them.

However, I’ve recently really wanted to build a 40k-style gunship – something slightly bigger than a valkyrie or a stormraven, smaller than a thunderhawk, that could be used as an inquisitorial combat drop ship. I did a bit of searching around and found the above model – the UD12 Chickenhawk from The plan is to build a cardboard model, then detail it using bits from my rather large bitz collection as well as specific bits from Ebay.

Here goes…

Taking shape!

As you can see from the above, I’ve done the basic construction so far. I upscaled the templates to 133% since I wanted a larger ship, and this gives me enough space to mount some serious firepower on the nose and put one or two turrets on it for all-round defence.

Back End

The construction is the templates printed out on paper, folded and glued using PVA, then the cardboard panels laid on top. I plan to fill all the edges with filler to get the corners done next.

Pretty big!

She’s pretty big – that’s a 1cm grid, so she’s about 30cm long and the body is 10cm wide. You’ll notice that one of the engines isn’t attached, but that’s because:


The engines swivel! I’ve used magnets to make them swivel-ly and detachable for storage and transport.

Bob the Imperial Fist inspects the new ship

Just to give you an idea of how big it is, here’s Bob the space marine for scale. I really like the mix of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica shapes and stylings here.

I’m still deciding on final armament – I’m tempted to go for the same as a Marauder Destroyer so I can use it as one in Apocalypse (so, three twin-linked autocannons in the nose, dorsal twin-linked heavy bolter turret, rear twin-linked assault cannon turret, a 6-bomb bomb bay and 8 hellstrike missiles box-mounted below the winglets), but I’m still not sure.

Once the gaps are filled, I’m going to start detailing using mostly GW bits in order to clearly make it a 40k flyer. I’ll still have to scratchbuild engine vents and stuff though.

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