On the Workbench: The last of the terminators, tanks, and Britannians

Getting there!

You might have spied these in the last couple of pictures from the weekend post – they’re nearly finished Britannian models for my second Dystopian Wars fleet (the subs need their detailing, the others just need final washes).

But lots more still to do

However, I’ve still got lots of stuff on the workbench, as you can see above.

For Dystopian Wars:

  • Many Tiny fliers
  • Hawk Scout Rotors
  • Battleship
  • Some Empire of the Blazing Sun escorts (I’m currently doing one up in a test scheme)

and for 40k:

  • The last 30 terminators for my 1st company
  • Obliterator for my Adeptus Mechanicus (that’s the techmarine w/ lots of servo arms in the bottom right corner).

Some tiny flyers already done

I’ve already finished some of the tiny flyers as you can see above – they’re waiting for a varnish spray.

Frigates and Cruisers

Likewise, these are also waiting for varnishing – the Britannian cruisers and remaining frigates (the turrets and shields are separate as I’ve magnetised them – I’ve only painted one turret for each as currently I’m running them with shields).

Still there.

Finally, the three leman russes are still not undercoated since the last workbench post – after spraying everything else last weekend I was getting tired and couldn’t be bothered undercoating these as well. They’ll get done eventually, but after just finishing 5 chimeras I’ve had enough of painting tanks for a while.

So that’s the workbench for this week – I’m slowly chewing my way though my remaining unpainted models. Future plans are to start going through my bits box and convert up some adeptus arbites from cadian models (of which I have a ton of bits for), and I’ll be buying the new Dystopan Wars models as they come out so I have (at least) one of everything for my Britannian and Antarctica fleets (because the models are just so nice!).

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