Warhammer Terrain Garden of Morr Painted!

Welcoming, isn't it.

I’ve actually had this painted for a while now, but completely forgot about taking some finished photos and posting them up (it’s been boxed up in my terrain box ever since I finished it). So, it hasn’t actually taken me months since I originally unboxed it to actually complete it. I swear!

Anywho, on to the photos!

More skulls

I’ve stuck with a relatively simple scheme – codex grey “drybush” for teh stone, with details picked out in contrasting colours.


There’s a lot of small details, which made painting these a bit of a pain, although they do look great when they’re done.

More mausoleums...

I’ve done each of the mausoleum buildings in slightly different colours, but all the detail work is done in brass, bone, and silver to tie them all together with the rest of the kit.

And even more mausoleums!

No overall washes on these, which is a departure from my usual method of painting. These have enough details that I don’t think I needed to wash them, and since they’re terrain they’re big enough to get away without propper shading (actual lighting and real shadows work with the bigger details, whereas they don’t on small miniatures).


Bases are done in the same codex grey for the stones, or Calthan Brown for the dirt.


Vines are Knarlock Green and Ilyanden Darksun, with a Devlan Mud wash to pick up the details.

Walls and Gates

Bones (of which there are many!) are Bleached Bone with a Devlan Mud wash.


Although it’s fiddly to paint – requiring the same amount of effort that painting actual miniatures requires – it is a very nice kit, and it does look great when it’s done.

Another angle

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