Why I’m not enthused about Necrons or GW in general at the moment

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So, news this last weekend is that Necrons have (finally) gotten a new codex. However, I’m not enthused – I’ve been quite ambivalent towards Games Workshop in general recently – so no, I haven’t bought the codex, no, I probably won’t buy the codex (as much as I like the idea of a steampunk necron army), and that means no review.

Having said all that though, even with their ridiculously high prices down here in Australia, a release schedule that’s more like a leaking tap, and IMO some ridiculous army creep, the models are very nice indeed.

Image from www.games-workshop.com

They’re almost worth the $55 price tag.

Funny, that I like Dystopian Wars even with its broken flyers, broken FSA, and unbalanced-in-general-ness, but I dislike GW’s codex creep… I think though that a lot of people are stuck in the “40k as a ‘competitive’ game” mindset, which means that many people go for the most effective army list and therefore the game starts becoming broken (even at ANUCON, which is aimed at being a “friendly” tournament). DE raider-spam, BA razorback-spam, GK razorback+psyflemen spam…

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It’s probably just a mindset thing – 40k’s fine when I play with my friends who also take less-than-optimal-but-fun-to-play-with-and-against lists, and Dystopian Wars for all its broken-ness seems to be running fine at the club so far because no one takes large amounts of air and no one takes too much of the uber stuff.

Whatever it is, I’m not particularly keen on GW stuff at the moment, hence the focus on Dystopian Wars and RPGs right now (if I ever get around to writing something about the RPGs I’m playing or running). The price of GW stuff doesn’t help…

Image from www.games-workshop.com

… but the new models sure are pretty.

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