Some Finished Dystopian Wars: Britannians

All ahead full and damn the torpedoes!

So I’ve been speed painting some of my new Dystopian Wars Britannians which I received a week and a half ago, using the Nelson-era yellow/black stripe colour scheme. Gcflash on the Spartan Games forums has already done a fleet in this style (and with a higher quality of painting too), but I like the scheme so I’m doing it too. Above are my first 4 frigates – which should have been enough to tell me that the stripes are a pain to paint and I should really have picked a different scheme – and below are my dreadnought and carrier:

Lots of Turrets

Here’s the dreadnought, with a lot of stripes. Getting those stripes reasonably straight is the most difficult part!

Ramming Speed!

My yellow is simply GW’s Iyanden Darksun foundation paint with a Ogryn Flesh wash – it’s darker than it probably should be, but I’m too lazy to paint bright yellows. The black is just flat Chaos Black – I like the flat black look particularly at this scale where highlights look way too big. The texture on these models provides enough interest for me.

Just stick two battleships together and call it day

The decking is Calthan Brown with a Devlan Mud wash, metals are either Boltgun Metal or Dwarf Bronze both with a Badab Black wash.

Carrier Deck

I’ve still got the rest of the fleet to do – these ones are in the 1000pt fleet I’m running at the moment, hence why they got speed painted over this weekend so I can have a game or two with them tonight – but I’m definitely not looking forward to painting even more stripes.

Although, it is a nice change from all those terminators and tanks

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